Wednesday, July 16, 2014

*christmasinjuly* Sale on TpT

I hope you're having a great Wednesday!  

I'm joining some other Tpt'ers for a Christmas in July sale!  

Click here to check out the sale!

You can check out the sale by clicking on the picture above or search "christmasinjuly" in the search bar on Teachers Pay Teachers.  There are a lot of great participants of all subject areas, so it's definitely worth checking out because all products are marked down to only $1!

Just checking in...

Happy Wednesday!

I've been MIA for the past couple weeks, so I thought I'd just check in with a quick post!

I've been in my Common Core math grant course for the past week and a half.  I'm almost finished with it!  Our focus this year has been on geometry and measurement, so I'm gathering up all sorts of new ideas and resources.  I'm working on ideas for a BIG geometry unit for my TpT store!  I'm hoping to get that created in the next couple weeks.  I'd love to have that done before school starts!

Speaking of school...  I am slightly depressed to announce that by this time next month I will be back in school with my students.  I'm actually quite excited to meet my new kids, but I wouldn't mind summer lasting a teensy bit longer!  This whole getting up early and being a functional human being all day long is cramping my style.

Finally, I'll hopefully be able to share some posts about some of my school purchases!  I bit the bullet and ordered my first Erin Condren lesson planner and will hopefully be getting that in the mail in the next week or so!  I am really trying to keep my costs to a minimum (especially since I found out we may not get our usual $100 from PTA), but I have picked up a few things to keep me organized and to spruce up my classroom!

I hope you're all having a wonderful Wednesday!  I'll be back with regular posts soon!

I'll leave you with this eCard that my friend, coworker, and TpT mentor Lindsay (from The Pursuit of Joyfulness) created for me based on a recent Facebook status...

Friday, July 4, 2014

4th of July Sale!!!

Click here to go to my store!

I mentioned on Tuesday that I'm running my first sale on Teacher's Pay Teachers!  I'm offering 10% off all products over $1 (over 10 products total)


I posted a patriotic FREEBIE in my store as well!

So, go on and do some shopping and grab yourself some new goodies for the upcoming school year!  The sale runs through Sunday, so if you're occupied with cookouts and fireworks today you'll still have time to shop the sale though the rest of the weekend.

Have a wonderful and safe 4TH OF JULY!!!  

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

How to Save Money When You're Shopping

I pride myself on being a pretty awesome bargain shopper and I love a good deal.  While some things are worth a splurge, it's always nice to save money when you can!  I wanted to share some of my favorite ways to save a few extra bucks and get the best deals.

Sign up for rewards and loyalty programs.

There are so many stores that have rewards programs these days and most of those are free to sign up for.  Some programs are definitely more rewarding than others, but my theory is that if it's free, why not join?!?  Many stores that have programs that you do have to pay for do make it worth your money if you shop there often. 

Sign up for e-mails.
I know that many people are hesitant to give out their e-mail address to stores, but being in the know about current sales and promos is worth it.  I have one e-mail account that is almost exclusively for this kind of stuff.  It's an account that is totally separate from my blogging stuff and my work account.  Yes, I get a TON of messages each day, but I have made it a habit to only read the messages of stores that I am interested in purchasing something from.  For example, I get messages from Bath & Body Works almost daily, but I only open them on days when I know I will be going there or when I know I need something.  Otherwise, they go straight to the trash so that I avoid potential temptation.

ALWAYS use Ebates when shopping online.
I learned about Ebates a few years ago and was a bit skeptical, but this site is 100% legit.  You can earn a percentage of cash back from your online purchases.  To date I have received about $90 cash back!  There are so many stores that work with Ebates and I really have found very few that aren't on there.  They've also recently added a toolbar icon that notifies you when you can get cash back on a site that you are shopping on so that you don't miss out of deals.  

If you'd like to join Ebates, you can click my referral link here!  It's free to sign up and they typically send you a gift card with your first purchase through them!

Take time to compare prices.
If you have the time, take the opportunity to compare prices of items from store to store.  I do a lot of "pre shopping" online to compare items that I am interested in.  Not only does this sometimes eliminate the temptation to make an impulse buy, but it also can save you a lot of money!

Learn about special discounts.
As a teacher, there are so many discounts out there!  Most of these are limited to shopping in store, but occasionally you can use these special discounts online.  One of my favorites is J.Crew / J.Crew Factory's teacher discount because they let you stack it on top of other promos in store!  There are also a lot of discounts out there for students and military, so do your research and see if you qualify for any special savings!

Learn the sale patterns.
Get to know the sale patterns at your favorite stores.  I've learned a lot of this just from subscribing to e-mails.  Most stores have a pretty consistent schedule for when they get in new items and when they do markdowns.  Many sales also do semi-annual sales and this is a great time to stock up on items.  I love B&BW's shower gels and hand soaps, so I usually stock up during their semi-annuals to cut down on trips throughout the year.  Many times you can also get great deals on off-season items.  I am known to snag Christmas gifts during the summer semi-annuals.  

Make friends with the sales associates.
Maybe it's just my personality, but I love chatting it up with the sales associates at my favorite stores.  I think I got this from my mom...  She ended up inviting some of the girls from her favorite store to her wedding because she'd known them so long!  It's fun to talk to people and get their input on items that you're considering purchasing.  This ultimately led me to my part-time job at Aerie!  Making friends at your favorite stores is a great way to be in the know and get some of the best deals.  I've learned as both a shopper and a SA that being friendly gets you a long way!  SA's will go the extra mile to help friendly and regular customers (even when they're not on commission).  

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

TpT Tuesday

I've been out of town since Friday, after a busy week so I don't have any new products to share today.


I do want to share that I will be having my first SALE this weekend for 4th of July!  I'm hoping to have some new products posted by then as well, so check in on Friday!

Currently ~ July!

I don't think I've done a Currently post in about a year, but I decided to join in on the fun this month!  These are such fun posts and a neat way to find awesome new bloggers!

I feel like this month is going to go by way too fast...  Next week I start my two week math course which really only leaves another couple weeks before we start inservices.  My teacher friend and I had a conversation about how July is kind of a depressing month.  June is all happy and care free and then July sneaks up on you and you have to start thinking about reality again.  

I'm also needing to get myself in school mode. I've been doing a lot for my Teachers Pay Teachers store, which feels like I'm doing school stuff, but it's really not what I need to be doing to prep for next year.  I really don't feel like I have a ton to do going into next year, but there are some small things I could start knocking off the to do list.

If you haven't joined in on a Currently post, you need to!  Join us over at Oh Boy Fourth Grade!

And now, I leave you with what is quite possibly the best summer jam to come out of the 90's...

LFO ~ Summer Girls!!!

Monday, June 30, 2014

Makeup Monday: 5 Items Worth the Splurge

Last week I talked about some of my favorite drugstore cosmetics and my favorite items if you're wanting basics or to save money.  Today I'm going to swing the opposite direction and discuss my favorite high-end products and what I think is worth the extra money.

Worth the splurge...

Naked Palettes - I have 3 of the 4 UD Naked palettes (the only one I don't have is the original).  I didn't pay full price for any of mine, but waited until I had points to redeem at Ulta, a coupon, or a gift card (or some combination).  If I weren't such a makeup junkie (or had better self control) I could probably function with one of these as my sole eye shadow collection.  These give great variety, work for any season, and you can create tons of looks.  There are a lot of neutral palettes out there right now that I know are also good quality that will give you the same versatility.  (Honorable Mention:  Too Faced Natural Eye palette ~  I haven't had mine that long, but it's pretty amazing and less pricey than the 3 big Naked palettes.)

Nars Blush - After several years I finally gave in and bought the Nars "Orgasm" blush and it was totally worth it.  I've never really been one for high-end blushes, but this one has such a great reputation that I figured it was worth it.  It's very versatile and I have a feeling it's going to last me a LONG time!

Clarisonic - I purchased a Clarisonic Mia 2 about a year and a half ago and love it!  I did my research on other face brushes and while there are some other good and less expensive ones out there, Clarisonics came very highly recommended.  Once again, I waited until Sephora had a coupon out (it happens about twice a year), so I didn't quite pay full price for mine.  

Urban Decay 24/7 Eyeliners - I'd never tried a high-end eyeliner until I picked up an UD trio at Sephora.  I'm typically content with my $3 and under eyeliners from Walgreens, but had noticed with spring and allergy season that they weren't holding up so well.  I don't wear my UD liners everyday, but when I know I need my liner to stay looking good for a longer period of time, these are the ones I reach for!

Primers - I've become a pretty big believer in primers over the past few years.  I've noticed I'm a lot happier with my makeup when I prime and it makes my look last a lot longer.  I think investing in a good primer is worth it because it really can affect how the rest of your makeup performs.  I love Benefit's Porefessional and Smashbox's Photo Finish Light for my face.  I seem to have endless samples of eyeshadow primers and really like the ones from Urban Decay, Too Faced, and The Balm.

If you're going to drop extra money on a makeup or skincare item, do your research and make sure it's something that you know you'll like.  None of these things were items that I just tossed into the basket on bought on a whim...  I looked at reviews, tutorials, and swatches online as well as looked at them in store (multiple times) before committing to the purchase.  All of my splurges are also pretty basic items that I knew would give me versatility.

What items do you think are worth the splurge?