Thursday, August 4, 2011

Let's get crafty!

I mentioned in my previous post that I spent some time with my old college roommate that is also a teacher. She changed schools this year and her new school does a different theme with each grade level. I think this is a really cool idea, but changing things every year can be a pain and can also get expensive. My school has done themes 4 of my 5 years and it's been fun, but I've also learned not to go too overboard with my theme decor. For my friend's grade level, they had a candy theme. It's very cute, but as you might guess, there's not much already made that goes along with this theme. The teachers were very creative at coming up with cute ways to tie the theme into their decor. Another good friend of ours found this candy themed idea online, so off we went to one of my favorite places... Hobby Lobby! The lanterns were found in the party supply area and came in 3 packs with 3 different sizes per pack. Two of the packs were $6.99 and the other was $7.99 (it had a slightly larger sided lantern). We also purchased two rolls of cellophane, and two rolls of cute polka dot ribbon.

Making the "candies" was definitely a two-person job. We wrapped the lanterns twice in cellophane and then taped the seam and wrapped tape around the ends where the ribbon would eventually go. We had one "fatty" lantern that required more cellophane, but in the end it all worked out quite well! We made 9 candy lanterns altogether, hanging them in 3's in the classroom and outside the classroom doors.
Here you can see the candies floating above the reading area. Aren't they cute?!? I believe the total cost lingered below $40 and the lanterns can be unwrapped and used again with a non-candy theme. I love that they add a pop of color to the room and tie in to the theme without being over the top. We also concluded that with the candy lanterns in front of the window that purchasing / making little curtains was no longer necessary.

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