Monday, October 24, 2011

Teachers Can Be Stylish Too!!!

If there there are two things that I truly enjoy in life it would be shopping for clothes and home decor. I wish I had more money to do both (although most will argue I don't need any more clothing), but as teachers we all pretty much have to function on some sort of budget. That doesn't mean we have a dress in outdated knit pants suits from Wal-Mart or rock our collection of light-up seasonal cardigans. I've recently been really into reading fashion blogs and I've stumbled upon several by teachers for teachers. I really like this because I look at some of these website and blogs at their "work looks" and think to myself, "That wo
uld be so impractical for my job!" We have jobs where we are on our feet most of the day, may or may not have control of the heating or a/c in our classrooms, and need to be modest and comfortable yet still professional at the same time. I sometimes think that dressing for my office job back in college was easier than dressing for teaching some days. Anyway, check out Mix and Match Fashion's Teacher's Have Class and Style page where she's collecting and posting work looks for teachers. I'm hoping to get a pic or two of my own submitted this week to be featured on her blog. I swapped out my warm weather clothes for my cold weather clothes this weekend and realized that my entire cold weather wardrobe for work consists o
f cardigans, sweaters, and only a few other select tops. Pants are my weak area. I hate buying dress pants because they typically either don't fit me the right way or are way over my budget. I'm thinking that sometime soon I'll share some of my own "teacher outfits" on here and some of my good buys. I can't say I'm a teacher fashionista every single day, but I do try my best to balance "normal people" clothes with my teaching wardrobe. (Today is NOT a fashion day for me... Just to get that out there. Red Ribbon Week and a warm front totally messed up my plans for looking cute. Oh well, it happens!) I am realizing that I am rambling, so I'm going to go attempt to be productive. Hopefully soon I will have more excitement (pictures!) to share with you all!

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