Friday, April 4, 2014

Fashion Friday: Pick Yourself Up & Get Dressed!

Bright colors always boost my mood!
I'm trying to get back into regular posts, but for some reason that's been easier said than done.  I don't get on my computer a whole lot at home these days, so that kinda makes me forget about blogging.
Anyway, I think some of my favorite posts are Fashion Friday, so that's probably what you're going to be getting from me for the next month or so until school ends!

Getting dressed is probably one of my favorite parts of my day...  Sometimes knowing that I've got a cute outfit waiting for me is what gets me excited about my day.  It's really not in a shallow "I want to look better than everyone else." way, but rather it's something that I'm doing for me. 

Stripes, florals, and bubble necklaces...  Oh my!
I'm going to be completely honest and tell you all that picking out my outfits has become something really important to me, more so in the past few months than before.  Here's why...

Not to get too sappy and girly dramatic on you, but I dated a guy that I teach with during the first half of the school year.  But, that relationship ended right before Christmas break...  As much as I wanted to curl up in sweats and hate the world after that breakup, as I faced going back to work after our long Christmas break, I found myself wanting to look good.  Really good.  I've always liked putting together outfits and looking cute, but it kind of took on a new meaning in January.  I've known quite a few girls who give up on themselves after a breakup...  No makeup, sweats, ice cream tub in tow, but that wasn't me.  I was determined not to be that girl.
I love adding a little sparkle with my accessories!

 Part of it is to maybe rub it in his face and show him what he gave up (just being completely honest), part of it is the show him that I'm not giving up on myself, but a big part of it is for me...  It's something that I can do to help me feel good again and bring back some self esteem.  Seeing your ex 5 days a week is definitely motivation to look good, but even those other 2 days when I don't have to see him I still want to look polished and put together.  For me.

Even if you're not dealing with breakups and having to see your ex everyday, it's important to remember that sometimes making that extra effort to look nice is all it takes to boost you mood.  I joked with my principal on the first day of state testing that it didn't matter how awful the testing was, I loved my new outfit that day and wasn't going to let computer problems ruin my mood.  I'd rather have a crumby day and look nice than have a crumby day and look crumby as well.

My first day back to school outfit.  I looked HOT!
You don't have to look like a supermodel 24-7, but making that teensy bit of effort to look pulled-together or add a little lip gloss may be just what it takes to boost your mood a little bit.  Even just adding a cute necklace or a scarf can take an outfit up a notch.  It's part of what makes being a girl a little bit more fun! :)

Without further ado...  Here's a peek at some of my recent outfits (that I look the time to document)!

Showing my K-State pride in style.

Taking a break from my neon to show my softer side.

I love a good jewelry bargain!  Accessories can totally make your outfit!

My "assessment day" outfit...  The tests may have been crap, but I was going to look good no matter what!

My favorite necklace!
I developed a new love for dresses and boots this past winter.

My new favorite dress from Loft.

And a favorite new pin...


  1. Sure doing an awesome job of making him eat his heart out! I like the variety outfits, but love the bling! I love the big necklaces. The weight of them on my neck isn't always a good thing, but it looks good. Have a great weekend. My break starts at 3:00 today!

    1. Thanks, Marcia! Hope you had a great weekend!


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