Monday, September 12, 2016

What's In My Purse?

Hello, blog world!  I've recently been obsessed with watching "What's In My Purse?" You Tube videos, so since I don't make videos I decided I'd make a blog post about it!

I recently purchased a Kate Spade Cedar Street Small Harmony tote in the color mahogany.  I'm in love with this bag for fall and winter!  I had an Amazon gift card which helped me get this bag for a steal!  I'd tried to purchase last year's version back in the winter during a sale on the Kate Spade site, but missed out!  Oh well, this was a better deal!  This is my second of the Small Harmony Totes and I love this size.  Don't be fooled by the word "small." It's large enough to fit a lot of essentials without being too overwhelming.  I have a medium tote from Kate Spade and while I love it as well, I use it more for when I need to carry larger items like my laptop, notebooks, etc.  The only thing that would make this bag better is an exterior zipper pocket for my keys and phone, but oh well!

I try not to carry too many random unnecessary items with me if I can help it.  I hate weighing myself down with stuff that I don't need!  

Makeup Bag - I'm pretty bad about letting this bag get cluttered, so I usually do a clean out once a week or so.  My travel makeup bag essentials include powder, mini concealer, a neutral lipstick and lip gloss, lotion, and usually a neutral eye shadow palette.  Let's be real, sometimes I'm finishing my makeup on the go and sometimes I need to do some touch-ups later in the day.  I don't need my whole arsenal of makeup with me, but these basic usually keep me looking fresh throughout the day.

Sunglasses - I'm a sunglasses hoarder.  I don't spend a lot of money on sunglasses because without fail I lose them or break them.  My favorite places to pick up reasonable sunglasses are Loft, American Eagle, and Charlotte Russe!

Flair Pens - Not pictured is my Erin Condren Life Planner...  I don't carry it with me 100% of the time, but it's definitely with me a lot!  With 2 jobs I have to keep my life organized and in order, so my beloved pens and planner help keep me in check!

Wallet - I've switched back and forth between my smaller pink snap wallet and my larger back zip wallet.  (Both are Kate Spade deals that I scored at Nordstrom Rack.)  I like things about both.  I recently picked up a small gold card holder at Francesca's (a similar one from Kate Spade is pictured) and I use that for cards or gift cards that I don't use as regularly that I don't need in my main wallet.  I'm on the hunt for another small pouch for coupons since my old one recently fell apart!

Phone & Phone Charger - I upgraded to a Galaxy S7 and I love it!  I've had an S3, S5, and now the S7 and I really don't regret not being an iPhone girl!  I've also recently started carrying a phone charger with me because I hate worrying about my phone dying.  I had a dual battery case for my S5 and kind of miss the double battery life.  The S7 has great life, but I still like to be prepared!

Orbit Gum - Always Orbit.  Always either Sweet Mint or Winter Mint.  Always!

I've also been into purse charms and accessories.  I found the cutest little tassel in the Dollar Spot at Target for only $3! I'd also like to pick up a cute little poof to attach on there as well!

What's in your fall purse?  What are your essentials for this time of year? 

What's In My Purse?