Teacher Faves

Lakeshore Learning
Lakeshore is by far my favorite store / website for instructional supplies for my students.  They've got a great assortment of items for work stations and centers!

Busy Teacher's Cafe
This website is a great resource for classroom activities and ideas.  I really like the language arts resources and the mini offices.

Wordle - Word Clouds
A Wordle is a word cloud that can be customized by the student.  We've made Wordles to describe book characters and provide review content.  Super fun and super easy to create!  Here are some other ideas on how to use Wordle from Free Tech 4 Teachers.

Delicious is a "social bookmarking" site that allows you to share your bookmarked sites with others.  You can also search other Delicious users pages that have bookmarked to same sites as you and find new sites that may be of similar interest.  Here's my Delicious page to give you idea of what I'm talking about.

Shutterfly is known to most as online picture storage and photo printing, but has really broadened over the past few years.  Shutterfly allows you to create free websites that are easy to setup and share with others.  I use Shutterfly for my class website as it allows privacy, is easy to navigate, and share on.  My site is private, but here are a few others that are public that you can check out:  http://missnosek.shutterfly.com/ , http://mrseslicksclass.shutterfly.com/ , http://room9.shutterfly.com/ , http://mrshilge.shutterfly.com/ , http://msoberles1stgrade.shutterfly.com/

Well, if you're reading this you're already on Blogger.  This site lets you set up blogs, organizes blogs that you want to subscribe to, and can easily connect to your G Mail or Yahoo accounts.  I use Blogger for my teacher blog (what you're on right now), but a lot of teachers use Blogger as a class website and use it to communicate with parents.

Kid Blog
Kid Blog is a safe site that allows your students to blog and post their writing to share with others.  This site is monitored by the teacher and can be shared with other students or parents.  I haven't done much yet with Kid Blog, but it's something I'd like to get up and running with my students next school year.

Vista Print
Vista Print is a great site for a variety of printing needs.  Their prices are very reasonable and they have A LOT of free products that you only have to pay shipping for.  You can customize items with your own designs and text, too!  Check out Mrs. Meacham's Vista Print creations on her website.

Quia is one of my favorite websites to use during state assessment time.  This site allows you to create and customize various games and quizzes to whatever content as well a variety of other tasks.

Live Binders
Live Binders allows you to bookmark websites all in one place, but puts them in "binder" form so that you can easily flip between websites.  Live Binders is a great way to compile websites and guide your students towards teacher-approved material.  Here's a sample Live Binder of student resource websites for a Washington, D.C. project.

Glogs are interactive pages that can be customized to be used as posters or websites.  Glogster is easy to use for students or teachers.  Here's a sample Glog that is made as an interactive president poster on John Adams:  John Adams Sample President Glog

Prezi is a fun alternative to a regular Power Point presentation.  If you're looking for a new way to present information to students (or anyone else) and you're somewhat good with computers, Prezi is a great option for you.  To learn a little bit more about Prezi check out their online tutorials.

Teacher Tube
You know that little website out there called You Tube?  Well, Teacher Tube is pretty much the same concept only with educational videos and a little bit safer to use.