Tuesday, July 5, 2011

MAJOR Shopping Trip!

A few coworkers and I took a little road trip today to visit Lakeshore and Mardel and I can very honestly say that our day of shopping was a grand success! We don't really have a great teacher store in town anymore, so it's become worth it to make the almost 3 hour drive to take care of our school shopping. Plus, it's a lot more fun to shop in the stores then online and I had a fun day with some great ladies!

So, here's my collection of new items from Lakeshore... Their big summer sale started today, so we all went a little crazy, but I got some really awesome deals! If you live near a store, you need to go in and check out their clearance sales. They have a TON of other random items marked 20% off right now as well. They're running some great deals online too. (The e-mail coupon I got recently was for $20 off an online purchase of $100 or more.)

Next, we hit up Mardel. I didn't do near as much damage there, but I still found quite a few things I needed (and a few wants as well). If I remember correctly, their big teacher sale is the 20th or 21st and everything will be 20% off. This sale is also going to be online with $5 shipping.

Then when we got home I hit up Dollar Tree. Ours are just now getting their school stuff put out, so there wasn't much to get, but I did manage to snag some neat plastic magazine holders and some poster board to make new pocket charts.

Here's what I picked up at Lakeshore:

  1. Spin and Answer Reading Comprehension Wheel

  2. Problem Solving Card Bank

  3. Read and Check Prefix / Suffix Cards

  4. Nonfiction Comprehension Quickie Cards

  5. Fluency and Comprehension Partner Scripts

  6. Nonfiction Acticity Chart

  7. Vocabulary Activity Chart

  8. Tabletop Chart Stand

  9. American Symbols Comprehension Cards

  10. Classwords Vocab Game

  11. Large dry erase pockets

  12. Charlotte's Web Game Show Questions

  13. Name tags

  14. Sticker charts

  15. Free lesson plan book


  1. Blank star poster

  2. Sports cutouts

  3. Over the door pocket chart hanger

  4. Small dry erase pockets

  5. Star stickers

  6. "Teachers Know All About Class" t-shirt

As you can see, I'm pretty much DONE spending money on school until the fall when I'll actually have income again. I think I'm pretty well set, though, and will have a lot of great activities for my students!


  1. Love it!! The shirt is the cutest! I went a little crazy at the Dollar tree today. But who can pass up such great deals?!


  2. I was also at a Lakeshore today - you spent way more than me :-)


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