Wednesday, July 13, 2011

What I Could Not Teach Without...Linky Party!

Views from Room 205: What I Could Not Teach Without...Linky Party!

We all have those things that help make our days go smoothly and that make our lives as teachers more enjoyable.

Here are the things that make my day:

  • Diet Mountain Dew OR Crystal Light Wild Strawberry Energy-- I wish I wasn't so dependent on caffeine, but surviving the morning usually doesn't happen without one of the two.

  • Bath & Body Works hand sanitizers and soaps-- I buy the fun smelling cute ones for myself and let the kids use the plain kind. I kind of have a thing with hoarding hand sanitizers from there.

  • My ELMO-- It's an older model and I will probably need an upgrade soon, but I can't imagine living without one. I'm so glad I never taught during the age of the overhead projector!

  • Cardigans, Gap denim jacket, or my Columbia jacket-- I have an insane number of cardigans... Seriously. I've also had a long time love affair denim jackets from Gap and my most recent one is probably the most comfortable denim jacket ever. Plus, it looks cute with pretty much everything. My classroom is blessed with a great A/C that only knows hot and cold and not really anything in between. Layering is typically a necessity for all of us to stay comfortable.

  • All of my fabulous work station and center activities from Lakeshore-- I don't think my reading work stations would run as smoothly as they do without all of the activities I've purchased from there. Check out my post from last week about my major shopping trip to see what all I picked up for the upcoming school year.


  1. I am also a diet mountain dew fan, I'll have to try Crystal Light's Wild Strawberry Energy! Do you have a QuikTrip near you? If so, try their fountain drink: Rooster Booster Light, it tastes like a strawberry Mountain Dew!

  2. Yes, there's a QT on my way to work, so when I'm not running late I like to treat myself to 1/2 Rooster Booster Lite, 1/2 Diet Mountain Dew, with a splash of cherry syrup! It's caffeine overload, but ohhhh it's soooooo good! The Crystal Light is super good and both Target and Wal-Mart have store brand versions that taste just the same!

  3. I too am a cardi freak! Have way too many, well maybe not!

  4. I wish I had joined this linky party! I also would be lost without my Elmo, and I have grown to love it!


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