Saturday, October 13, 2012

The World's Worst Blogger, Buyer's Remorse, & Other Ramblings

I have concluded that I am a bad blogger.  This happened to me last year once school started and I vowed it wouldn't happen again this year...  I pretty much just stop blogging once school starts.  It's not that I don't have grand ideas for posts, but it's that I don't really make time for blogging like I do during the summer.  I've really been trying to stay on top of things this school year and have actually been fairly impressed with myself with how well I've kept up with everything.  I don't really have much going on outside of school right now, so I feel like this has been a year for me to just dive into things and really focus on work.  I'm by no means a perfect teacher or have everything in tip-top shape, but I'm less overwhelmed  than I've felt in years past because I seem to be devoting more time to school.

I really do intend to get back into a blogging routine and start writing more posts about school-related topics.    Like I said, I have plenty of ideas, but it's a matter of sitting down and writing (and finishing) the posts.


Have you ever had immediate buyer's remorse?  I experienced that this evening.

I wandered over to the mall this evening and remembered that I had a $25 off a $50 purchase virtual coupon for Limited.  I was super excited when they reopened here last summer (we'd had one but it closed years ago), but I have decided that store may not be the best for me.  First, I feel like I'm always between sizes there and nothing fits me just right.  Everything I try is slightly too big or too small.  Second, they're clothes are just a little dressier than I tend to go for.  If I had reason for those kinds of items it might not be so bad, but I just don't.  I feel like everything I've purchased there doesn't get worn.  I have a few things that still probably have the tags attached!  Not cool.

Anyway, I spent quite a while in there trying on all sorts of items and finally settled upon a striped tee and some earrings.  Nothing spectacular, but I had been looking for a black and white striped top for fall and winter.  The problem was that it was a little too big.  I figured I'd go on and get it and try it on with some things at home to see how it worked.  As soon as I walked out I felt buyer's remorse.  I sucked it up and when I got home played around with some outfit ideas with my new shirt.  I actually made some cute outfits, but they really would look better with one that was the right size.  Then I looked at the earrings...  I like them both alright, but even after the discount they cost more than I usually like to spend on jewelry.  *sigh*  I contemplated for a while and decided that I'll be making a trip back tomorrow to return everything. I'd spent $34 on items I really didn't love.  It's not that I'd spent a ton of money, but as I thought about it, I'd much rather spend that $34 on something I really liked and not stuff I bought just because of a discount.  Sure, I'd had my eye out for a striped tee and I'm always a fan of cute earrings, but those just weren't for me.  Back to the mall tomorrow!  (And then maybe to TJ Maxx to find a better striped shirt!)


Speaking of striped shirts...  I've been slightly obsessed with these looks that I found on Pinterest:

{If you want to pin these to your own boards, please click on the image and pin it directly from Pinterest, so that you get it from (hopefully) the original source. I want to be sure the original posters / pinners get credit for their adorable pics!}

Anyway, do you see where my obsession with a black and white striped shirt came from?  I'd also been on the hunt for a cute leopard print scarf.  I searched quite a few places, but couldn't find one that I really liked. I randomly checked Gap's website because although I hadn't seen a leopard scarf in store I had seen a super cute tote.  Sure enough, there was the perfect scarf!  I immediately ordered it (30% off and free shipping helped speed that decision) and am looking forward to getting it in a few days.  No buyer's remorse there!  (Here's the link to the scarf.)


Well, there you have my weekend ramblings.  I've got conferences this week, so I know that will keep me busy, but I am hoping to get a few blog posts up up in the next few days.  I know I keep saying that, but it really will happen soon! ; )

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  1. I used to feel buyers remorse all the time. I felt like I NEEDED to buy stuff so I would settle and then I wouldn't like my purchases a day later. Now that I have to budget (and honestly, my blog), I feel I think about my purchases a lot more than I used to and don't have buyers remorse as often. Plus I do what you do and play around with it a bit before removing tags so I can always return if I need to :)


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