Saturday, October 27, 2012

October Budget!

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After spending a lot in September, I took it sort of easy (for me) this month.  I feel like this month's spending was a lot more thoughtful and calculated than a few of my previous monthly purchases.

Yes, a $9 new arrival sweater from Gap.  I purchased this online during a 35 or 40% off promo, plus used some rewards and a free shipping code.  I stacked three discounts and got this sweater for just over $9!  It's a little big and considered swapping it out for a smaller size in store, but this color was online only and I ended up liking the length of the longer one with the stripes better anyway.  It looks really cute with skinny jeans and I love the tan and bright pink combo!  I got a lot of compliments on it the first day I wore it!

Gap Eversoft Sweater (solid)- $30

Eversoft circle hem sweater

This one was probably my impulse buy of the month.  I wandered into Gap during another sweater sale and tried on a ton!  I loved my striped sweater so much I gave the solid ones a try and ended up really liking it.   The orange-y red color is a fun color for fall and winter.  I went with a size smaller than the striped, so that it's loose, but not quite as over-sized.  Gap hit a home run with these Eversoft sweaters this season.  They're definitely my favorite Gap sweaters from the past few years!

I referred to this shirt in my post about buyer's remorse.  (Read it here.)  Long story short, I bought a larger size because it was all they had and then returned it the next day.  I was at the mall again a week later and saw they had more in stock.  I'd been looking for a nice black and white striped shirt for layering and this one was the best I found.  I'd actually received a $15 off coupon on e-mail that same morning, so this shirt ended up being $4 less than what I'd paid the first time.  It was obviously meant to be the second time around!

Gap Leopard Scarf - $19

I've been obsessed with the leopard scarf and stripes mix after a few super cute Pinterest findings.  After searching quite a few stores and online, I happened upon one from  Of course because it was Gap and they seem to be running sales and promos non-stop I saved 30% and got free shopping.  I'm glad I grabbed it when I did because it's no longer available online and I never saw it in store.  (Too bad because now my mom wants one for Christmas!)

= $73

Not bad at all considering everything I purchased, but I bit more than I'd intended.  I had 3 birthdays and a wedding to buy gifts for this month, so I tried to take it a little easier when it came to purchases for myself.

(I left out my Ulta purchases this month because I did budget those from my bonus check that will be coming next month.  I knew from the start that I was going to buy my Naked 2 palette whenever they ran their sale on everything, no matter if I'd received my holiday bonus or not yet.)

I must say, Gap's been bringing their A game this season and I'm not sure that's been a good thing for my budget!  The keep coming out with great items, running awesome promos, and I keep falling victim to it!  I haven't been super impressed with many other stores this fall, though, so I guess that kind of evens things out.

My budget for the next few months will be a little different...  I get my bonus check in November and have allotted a portion of that for a few splurges for myself.  I already bought my Naked 2 palette and the other item I plan on buying is a Clarisonic Mia 2.  I've got my eye on a few new arrivals from Gap and have a coupon starting next week, so we'll see if I end up with any of those.  Other than that, I plan on saving my money for Christmas gifts and for a weekend of shopping in KC with friends and family.

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What were your purchases for October?
Did you stay within your budget?


  1. I've heard so much about those Gap sweaters that I need to try them out for myself. You got some awesome deals this month - Gap has been having those 30% deals for like the past month, making it easier to save money but harder to say no!

    thanks for linking up girl :)

    1. Yeah, Gap's sweaters have been great this year. I've been really disappointed with their sweaters over the past couple years, so I feel like I've been over compensating this year! I've also purchased a few of the Eversoft cardigans and have really enjoyed having those as a wardrobe basic.


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