Thursday, November 1, 2012

Randomness and Vanilla Ice

Hey everyone!  I didn't really have much of a post planned, but for some reason I just felt like posting some randomness tonight.  I have a horrible allergy cold right now and plan on going to bed right after this in hopes of feeling better at work tomorrow.  

 I think one of my least favorite things about being a teacher is that it's really not all that easy to just call in sick.  It's more work to be gone than to be there!  I'm going to our state's assessment conference the first 3 days next week, so I'm plugging through so as not to miss another day of school.  My class this year has had some trouble with subs and I already have to miss a lot of days for meetings, so I'm trying not to be gone much on top of what's required of me.

Here's some total randomness for you...  This weather!  

I hope all of my bloggy friends out east are safe!  I've seen some really crazy pics on Facebook and Instragram from friends out in NY and surrounding areas.  Thankfully, to my knowledge all of my friends out there are safe and didn't experience any major losses!  Thank God for His protection and I'm continuing to pray for those who have suffered losses through these storms.

I have to say that for once Kansas isn't experiencing wild weather.  In fact, our weather has been CRAZY BEAUTIFUL!  It's November and we're experiencing temps in the upper 70's and low 80's!  My wardrobe is seriously confused right now!  Last weekend I was scrounging around to come up with a wedding outfit for the frigid cold and now I'm back to wearing flip flops!

I leave you now with a funny from one of my students.  

(I can't recall if I've mentioned that this year my class consists of 13 boys and 5 girls.  It's quite an adventure!  My boys are hilarious, sweet, emotional, and talkers!  I usually end my days utterly exhausted, but still loving those kids!)

Anyway, last week the kids were working and suddenly I begin hearing a group of students singing "Ice Ice Baby."  Yes, that's right, "Ice Ice Baby."  One was rapping and another was doing the baseline.  Who knew that 8 and 9 year olds knew that song?!?  After a moment I finally called out, "Hey, Vanilla Ice, sit down and save your rapping for recess!"  I never thought that as a teacher those words would ever come out of my mouth.  

Seriously though, it's like that everyday in my classroom...  Laughter and tears are pretty much a daily thing for us, but I love those kids to death!

Hopefully I'll have some time to get some more "real" blog posts up over the weekend!  Have a good one!

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