Saturday, August 3, 2013

9 Desk Essentials

As I prepare for the upcoming school year, one thing on my to do list is to make sure that I have my own personal desk essentials in order.  Now, we're not talking staples and markers here...  I like to have a couple small bags of necessities for everyday needs or when I pull a long night with conferences or whatever!  

9 Desk Essentials

  1. Lip Balm / Lip Color - This is probably my most used essential.  I like to keep something moisturizing, but with a little bit of neutral color on hand to use throughout the day.  
  2. Powder - My skin tends to get kind of gross and oily especially on hot school days.  I've found keeping an extra powder at school is great for easy touch-ups to keep me from looking completely disgusting.
  3. Deodorant - This is just a good one to have on hand. 'Nuff said.
  4. Body Spray - There are times when I just feel gross after being outside or whatever and a few spritzes of body spray are just what I need to not feel quite so stinky!
  5. Hand Lotion - This one is especially necessary during winter!  I also recommend getting the anti-bac lotion from Bath & Body Works to help you fight germs and stay moisturized.
  6. Toothbrush & Toothpaste - Sometimes I just feel the need to take a moment to brush my teeth...  This is a total essential during conference week when I wolf down a quick dinner and then have to sit down and talk to parents afterwards!
  7. Mascara - Mascara is one makeup item (other than foundation) that I feel like I have to have to look awake and like "me."  I always end up with tons of minis, so these are perfect for stashing away on those days I'm running late or need a little makeup pick-me-up.
  8. Nail File - ...Because sometimes you have a nail emergency.
  9. Feminine Products - I think this one is pretty obvious, but having a stash on hand has saved me when I forget to refill what I normally try to keep in my purse.  (I keep these in a separate bag in case I need to make a trip to the restroom...  That way I don't have to take everything with me!)
I seem to have an abundance of cosmetic bags around (mostly freebies), but if you're looking for cute bags I recommend checking out Thirty-One or Target for great buys!

What are your desk essentials?


  1. Cute post! I have most of what you have listed in mine! And we are lucky that our staff restroom has a cabinet where we can keep a stash of feminine products. I also keep small snacks in my desk (granola, cheerios, etc.). CHAPSTICK is a must for me.

  2. I keep chapstick of some sort, too! And definitely lotion and BOBBY PINS and a spare ponytail holder. Even if I curl/fix my hair in the morning, but 10:00 am it's almost ALWAYS in a ponytail, lol. It just drives me nuts in my face. Days that make it past 10 am, it's probably because I pulled my hair back with bobby pins!

    I need to add deodorant to my desk, for sure! There was one day last year where I somehow left the house without putting any on--worst ever! LOL. Only me.

    Teach On.

  3. I have my own supply of hand sanitizer, quick snacks, and saline for my contacts.

    One Class, One Sound


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