Thursday, August 1, 2013

3 things to get excited about in the month of August...

A new month is upon us! 

August is always an interesting month filled with lots of activity.  It's that month were I go from my lazy summer days back to regularly scheduled teaching.  

I may have squealed when I saw this!
  1. College Football - There's a reason this is #1 on my list!  I love love LOVE college football season!  I love watching my wonderful K-State Wildcats play (and kick butt), but I also just love turning on ESPN on Saturdays and having it on all day long.  Even if I'm not watching the games, I just love hearing that as background noise.  It's probably my favorite sign that fall is on the way!  Let's get another BIG XII Championship, Wildcats!
  2. Back to School Shopping - Sometimes I wonder if I part of the reason I became a teacher was so that I could further justify back to school shopping into my adult life.  I got seriously excited when I saw Target's school supply department a few weeks ago.  And, of course, I have to have a new outfit (or 10) for the first day(s) of school.  
  3. Meeting My New Students - Don't get me wrong, I loved my kiddos from last year, but I have been reassured that this new group of students coming up into 3rd grade will be a much easier bunch.  I know that my class will be a bit larger this year, but I've been told by the 2nd grade teachers that they're a nice group of kids.  I'm excited to meet them and start new adventures with them!
What are you excited about this month?

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