Monday, July 29, 2013

Seven Year Itch

I have to admit, I think I'm going through a "seven year itch" thing with my job right now...  I've been in the same classroom, teaching the same grade level going on seven years now!  I really don't think that if you'd asked me back in August of 2007 if I'd still be here in August of 2013 I would have said yes.  My school is on the complete opposite side of town from where I live and as a youngster fresh out of college I was eager to just get offered a job, let alone a job in my ideal grade level.  I told myself I'd give it a year or 2 and then maybe look for something closer.  Then, I told myself I'd wait until my principal retired and give it another year...  And now I'm on year 3 with our "new" principal (who is a former 3rd grade teacher colleague) and I'm still around.  

Part of me is starting to feel a bit restless...  I blame this on the fact that several close teacher friends are making school and grade level moves this year and are all excited about these new opportunities.  New schools, new grade levels, new people...  There's part of me that loves the idea of new adventures and opportunities, but another (stronger) part of me that loves consistency and the comfort of what's familiar.  I do truly love the people I work with and the families at my school and the sense of familiarity that comes with being a part of our school "family."  

One of my favorite parts of my job is that even if I am in the same grade level and the same classroom, I do get a fresh start each year.  I get to meet and teach a brand new group of students and I have the freedom to change things from year to year.  I don't have the same boring ongoing job each day and I'm not obligated to do everything exactly the same as I've done in the past.  

So, will this itch go away?  We'll see...  I'm not saying I'm ready for a big change, but I'm ready for some new, little changes along the way this school year.  Who knows what the future will bring?!?  I guess I'll just have to wait and see! :)


  1. Its time for you to take a class, or attend a conference to give you that SPARK again. Decorate your class totally different. If possible ask to switch your room. Volunteer to sponsor a club. You are too routine and you need to change things up. Take an art class, knock something off your bucket list. Join a committee that you normally would not. 7 Years --you need a change. Switch schools.

  2. This will be my 7th year, too, but I taught 3 years in 3rd, and this will be my 4th year in 2nd. I loooooove 2nd, so I can't imagine switching (unless it was to loop w/my class to 3rd, because I still love the 3rd grade team). I agree with Sistergirl--maybe do some searching for a great conference you can attend this year. :)

  3. This is my 13th year and in that time I've taught Kindergarten, First, Second, 1st/2nd Multi-age, and Fifth grade. Next year I'm moving to a 3rd/4th multi-age by request.

    So I have the OPPOSITE of the 7 year itch! Haha. Though a change in grade level can be really refreshing, and it definitely kind of makes you "up your game" and not get too stagnant. I'm looking forward to spending quite a few years teaching 3rd/4th though.

    I'd say give it this year and if during the year you realize you still feel this way ask your principal for a move! It can really make teaching fresh to just move even a grade or two on the spectrum.

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  4. I just took a job at a different school. Same grade level (thank goodness!). I was at my old school for 7 years. I love the teachers and kids I worked with but I just felt it was time for a change. I feel that change is good and I am excited to meet new people and try new things. It is nice to clean out and throw out lots of stuff too!


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