Wednesday, July 3, 2013

If I had a million dollars...

Okay, let's talk clothes.  I know it's not Friday (when I usually try to do my fashion posts), but I have had some major struggle this week resisting the J.Crew Factory 50% sale.  

Yup, 50% everything!

Unfortunately for me, the nearest stores are both about 2 1/1 hours north and south of me, so I don't make it there very often.  They've run a few 50% off sales in the past few months, but most have been in store only, which has been a total bummer.  

This sale has been running for a few days and in stalking their website I've seen a lot of items sell out.  :( 

Let's just pretend I could buy everything I loved and it all fit me perfectly...  Here's what I would buy.

Factory textured Charley sweater
Image via J.Crew Factory
Let's start with the one item I did purchase...  I love my neon Charley sweaters so much that I decided a mint one would be a worthy addition as well.  These don't so much feel like a sweater, so they're actually not too bad for warmer weather.  

Factory polka-dot pullover
Image via J.Crew Factory
Who doesn't love polka dots!?!  I was really tempted by this one, but wasn't sure about how versatile it would be in my work wardrobe.  Plus, even at half price it's still $37 which, in my opinion, is kind of a lot for something that may not get a ton of wear.  Maybe if the polka dots hadn't been orange...

Factory Clare cardigan in paisley
Image via J.Crew Factory
Do you see a pattern here with the sweaters?  I feel like this cardigan is one that I'd need to see in real life in order to decide if I like it or not.  I haven't tried their Clare sweaters yet, but hope to do some next time I make it to a store.

Factory layering v-neck tee in stripe
Image via J.Crew Factory
I was very tempted by this cute tee.  I love the stripes and think it would be perfect to pair with a cute skirt and denim jacket.

Factory scattered stars tank
Image via J.Crew Factory
Maybe it's just my 4th of July spirit, but how stinking adorable is this tank!?!  It's sold out now, but I'm pretty sure if it was still available and I hadn't already bought this star tee at Gap I would have given in and bought this tank.  I've always had a thing for stars!

Factory stripe button-back sundress
Image via J.Crew Factory
I have the solid green version of this dress and have wanted the striped one since it came out last year.  The fit is a little "off" for me, though, and I don't think getting a different size would help the situation.  It's so cute, though, and perfect for so many situations.

Factory linen-cotton mini
Image via J.Crew Factory
This skirt seems to be all over the blog world, and for good reason!  Most sizes are sold out now, but I'm still tempted by the similar one that Target is currently carrying.

Factory pencil skirt in embroidered floral
Image via J.Crew Factory
Remember how I said we're pretending?  Well, let's pretend that my hips and waist actually worked in pencil skirts.  I love this pattern!  It's so chic, but not stuffy and boring.  

Factory stripe racerback cami
Image via J.Crew Factory
This top screams classic to me.  It's one of those that would totally go from workday to weekend in the toss of a cardigan and a change into some jeans.  I have a similar top from Loft, which kept me from snagging this one.  Unfortunately, it's another one that's now sold out online.

Factory two-tone tote bag
Image via J.Crew Factory
Let's be real...  I need more totes like I need another hole in my head.  In a perfect world, though, money would grow on trees, I'd have a giant closet, and there would be no limit on how many bags I would need.

Factory dangling shapes necklace
Image via J.Crew Factory
This was another very tempting piece for me.  I'm not typically drawn to blue things, but this necklace is gorgeous!  It's on back order right now and I'm just not patient enough to wait a month and a half for it to ship.


So, there you have it...  I'm pretty proud of myself for only getting one item and for that one item being one that I know will fit and get a lot of good wear.  The sale runs through the 7th, but the extra 10% off "VIP" code expires tonight.  I honestly wouldn't be surprised if they started a free shipping promo tomorrow, but my extra 10% off almost evened things out and I didn't want my sweater to end up on the dreaded sold out list.

Have you been sucked in by this (or any other) holiday sale?!?  
What have you purchased lately?


  1. Cute roundup! The pencil skirt is my favorite. :)
    I already bought quite a few things so I haven't even been looking at the sales - it's too tempting!

    1. Thanks, Carrie! I've had to resist a lot of things from there. I'm sure if the actual store was nearby I'd be there all the time!


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