Tuesday, July 16, 2013

To Do Tuesday

So we'll start with last week's goals...

  • Get up and get moving in the morning.  Last week was the first of my 2 week math workshop.  I have to be there by 8:30 a.m., which really isn't bad at all, but a stretch for my lazy summer schedule.  I'd say this was a success since I made it there on time each day and wasn't too super rushed getting there!
  • Complete at least 10 miles during my workouts.  Does 18 miles sound like I met my goal?  I ended up making it to the gym more than I anticipated, so this was an easy one!
  • Complete at least 3 blog posts.  Check!
  • Resist the urge to shop.  About this one...  I'll explain more in my Budgeting Bloggers post later this month, but let's just say that burning extra time at the mall isn't necessarily a good thing.  On the bright side, I used gift card money and other extra money to get an AMAZING deal on something I really love!
So my goals for this week...

  • Complete at least 15 miles during my workouts.  I'm pretty close to reaching my goal of 50 miles in the month of July, but I'm not going to let myself slack off just because I'm already a little bit ahead!  
  • Make food at home (on the nights I'm home).  I have 2 nights in which my schedule will not really allow me time to go home between class and work, so those will be my exceptions.  I'm trying to get in better habits of making food at home, so I've stocked my fridge with healthy options to keep me on track!
  • Tackle my pile of lamination that needs to be cut out.  I have A LOT that needs to be cut out!  It's the perfect thing to keep me busy while I'm watching stuff on TV or Netflix!
  • Complete at least 3 blog posts.   I'll have an update on my school shopping this week sometime this week!
  • Keep my apartment clean.  I did some pretty hard-core cleaning this past weekend, so I plan on keeping it tidy.  It's not like it was a pit in here or anything, but it was a little messier than I prefer!


  1. Wow! You sound like you've been productive this week! Awesome job :)

    Luckeyfrog's Lilypad

    1. Thanks, Jenny! I'm shocked at how productive I was since I was so busy! Thanks for stopping by!


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