Friday, July 12, 2013

Fashion Friday: I Don't Do Pencil Skirts

I Don't Do Pencil Skirts

I Don't Do Pencil Skirts 

I follow a few fashion bloggers who are fellow teachers.  All of these girls have wonderful style that I love (I wouldn't follow them otherwise), but a common item I see in many outfits is pencil skirts.

I don't do pencil skirts.

My body was not made for pencil skirts.  These hips and this waist just don't fit that silhouette.  I've given them multiple tries at multiple stores and, not matter what, I can never find one that fits me the right way.  Too big in one place and too small in another...  Welcome to my life shopping for pencil skirts.

In all honesty, I don't think I'd really fit in at my school wearing one anyway.  We've got very fashionable teachers, but I can't actually think of one time I've seen a pencil skirt in our hallways.  Out staff dresses nice, but not super dressy or formal.  My style as a teacher is dressy, but cute and comfortable.  I need to be able to sit on the floor with the kids, walk around, and be outside without having to fuss with my outfit.

Here are my wardrobe essentials:

Comfy tees for layering - Tees don't have just be casual wear.  I wear colorful tees all the time and layer the with other items or dress them up with accessories.  Never underestimate a good tee!

Lightweight sweaters - I'm obsessed with J.Crew's Tippi and Charley sweaters and we all know that I'm a cardigan addict.  Not only can these polish up a look, but they're also essential when you have very little control over the temperature of your classroom!

Comfy, go-with-anything skirts - Skirts are a great alternative to pants, especially when it's still 100 degrees and you're outside for recess duty!  To keep it school appropriate, go for skirts that fall at the knee or below.  (This is where being short has some definite advantages!)

Flat shoes - When you're on your feet all day and walking all over carpet and tile floors, comfortable flat shoes are a must!  Simple black flats are a must and TOMS can be a super comfortable and cute way to add some fun to an outfit.

Black skinnies - I've found myself wearing my skinnies a lot more than my wider-legged black pants.  They're more slimming and just as comfortable.  Once again, make sure they're not skin tight or if they are on the tight side, pair them with a longer top (or a too short dress).

Denim jacket / vest - I wear a denim jacket at least once a week on average...  It's just an easy outfit topper and it's also perfect for those days when you're not feeling so hot and want to be a little more covered up.  I recently invested in a denim vest and a light wash denim jacket to give me a little more variety.

Colorful pants - This is a trend I'm working on getting into more.  Colored khakis (and even colored denim) are a fun way to break away from the usual black, khaki, or gray pants.

Fun accessories - Accessories can totally make an outfit! I have plenty of super plain outfits that take on a completely different look when I top it off with some cute accessories.  I've been loving statement necklaces and they're the perfect way to dress up some basics.

I hope that gives some of you some ideas for things that you can pick up for your own teacher (or whatever) wardrobe during the back to school sales!

What are your work wardrobe essentials?

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