Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Classroom Sneak Peek: Table Organization

I promised I'd get some more school related posts on the blog, so here's a little one for ya!  Instead of doing a big post of classroom pics, I thought it would be fun to give you some sneak peeks at various things around my classroom.
Today I wanted to share my new table organization system.  It's something I've thought about for the past few years, but just this year got around to.

The desks in my classroom are grouped into 4 or 5 with one of these little plastic bins in the middle.  My awesome custodians fulfilled my request to get all of my desks raised or lowered to the same height so that the tubs can rest evenly in the middle.

The tubs have 3 sections that I created labels for.  There's a place for hand sanitizer, another for pencils, the largest for dry erase markers and erasers.  (BTW, we're using baby socks as erasers this year and they work like a charm!  Sooooooo much better than the junky erasers that came with the boards.)
This system has worked out really well and has eliminated the need for students to get up all the time for supplies or sanitizer.  I was a little worried at first, but it's been a great storage and organization solution.  

I got these tubs at Michael's and Target.  I wanted different colors (and colors that go with my bright color scheme), so I had to mix and match, but thankfully they're all basically the same style and size.  It took a few trips to the stores to get different colors, but it all worked out!

The tub above is a little different because it's for our "teacher table" where I work with small groups of kids.  This one hold supplies for the students and I to use during work station time.  I try to have it all there so that there's no wasted time getting up and getting supplies during our work time together.

And finally, a peek into my classroom.  I wanted to show the desk setup and how the tubs sit in the middle.  

I'm hoping to get a few more sneak peek posts up in the next few weeks.  Remembering to take my camera to school will definitely help that out!  We're in the middle of conference week, but the kids are off tomorrow and I have a lot of free time due to the fact that I only have 2 conferences scheduled.  Maybe I can fit in some picture taking time! ; )

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