Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Fashion Week Bonus: Lust List

I recently got some potentially good news recently and I am thinking that I am going to treat myself to a few "to me from me" Christmas gifts. (Understand, I probably won't be receiving that much from others this year just because of circumstances... I'll probably be doing a lot more giving than receiving anyway. It's really not as selfish as it sounds.)

I've really been trying to cut back on unnecessary spending over the past couple months and have resisted a few urges, but there are a few items that I just keep going back to and thinking, "If I had some extra money..." Well, I'm thinking pretty soon it's gonna be time to get a few special things for myself.

Now, I'm not in a position to buy EVERYTHING on my list list, but these are some items (or maybe cheaper look-a-likes) that I wouldn't mind getting my hands on.

And so, here's my LUST LIST:

Eden cardigan
J. Crew Eden Cardigan - I love this color. I've really been drawn to things in the turquoise family this fall and this color is so rich and beautiful. I can think of so many ways to wear it!

Cashmere V-neck sweater
J. Crew Cashmere V-Neck - This color is called "neon azalea." I love the idea of wearing a bright color like this hot pink shade in the middle of winter. I had another bright pink sweater in college and it was such a pick-me-up to wear it on a blah cold winter day. I'd love to get something that is so bright, cheerful, warm, and cozy!

Drapey sequin tank
J. Crew Drapey Sequin Tank - Does anyone else get the urge to wear sparkly things around Christmas? I sure do! I usually go for a sparkly sweater, but this year I'm really wanting to get my hands on a cute tank like this one to put under items I already own. This one could go with countless sweaters and jackets and add some glad to normally casual outfits.

Blouson dress in royal paisley
J. Crew Blouson Dress in Royal Paisley - I'm not always a fan of paisley, but when I spotted this dress in the J. Crew catalog I fell in love. It's got so many colors in it that you could pair it with numerous items and have a different look every time. The style says warm weather, but the colors say cool weather and honestly I think it could go both ways. It's all in how you style it!

Coach Poppy Tartan Glam Tote - I couldn't get the image to post, but this is one of those purses I'd never carry anytime other than in the winter. It would be my date to all of my Christmas parties. Coach had a few tartan plaid purses like this a few years ago and they were really the first purses from Coach that I really loved. In all honesty, I really didn't like Coach at all for the longest time, but now I've constantly got my eye on one (or ten) of their purses.

Coach Kristin Leather Hobo - The style of this purse that I really want isn't online anymore, but this is the same collection and color I want. I'm technically not supposed to buy any new purses this year, so maybe I'll save some of my "me" budget for after January 1. (As my purse taste gets more expensive I'm having to put limits on how much and how many I buy. I haven't purchased a new purse since early June and that's pretty much forever for me!) I'm hoping the shape I want comes back with the spring collection.

Fossil Stella Tortoise Watch - This is one of the items I'm 90% sure I'm going to purchase. I love this watch. It's one of those items that will go with anything. I've seen a few cheap versions and usually I'm totally cool with getting a look-alike, but none compare to the beauty of the real thing. I've gone Dillards to try it on and it's amazing. I've been into watches a lot in the last year and most of mine were under $15, but this one is totally worth the cost!

Loft Sequin Trim V-Neck Cardigan - More sparkle for the holidays! I love that this cardigan is dressy and classy, yet still very appropriate for everyday wear. It would go with anything from a dress to jeans to black pants plus I could pair it with a simple tee or a dressy tank. I'm really hoping I can get my hands on this beauty before it's too late!

Loft Shirred Seamed V-Neck Sweater - I want this red. There's something about bright red that is totally Christmas to me. I used to wear red ALL the time (my high school colors were red and black) and then once I got to college I started branching away from so much red. It's hardly represented in my wardrobe now. This is another very versatile item, but I love the shirred detail on the back that sets it apart from most v-neck sweaters.

Loft Pleated Front Metallic Stripe Blouse - This top is so me, yet like nothing that's actually in my closet. It's definitely one of those shirts I'd have to try on in the store, which is unfortunate because the nearest Loft is at least 2 1/2 hours away.

Nike Shox Conundrum SI - Long story short, I was emotionally scarred in 6th grade when my mom bought me Richard Simmons brand running shoes for volleyball. After that I vowed that no matter what I would have nice athletic shoes. I'm really not a shoe snob like a lot of girls. The majority of my shoe collection comes from Target and I really prefer not to spend more than $30 or 40 on a pair of shoes. I'm pretty cheap in that area. Athletic shoes are a totally different story for me, though. I love a beautiful pair of Nike Shox and after a long life in the gym my last pair met its fate when I was spelunking in Oklahoma. (Yes, spelunking as is climbing through dark, muddy caves. LOL) I'd totally consider the purchase of these shoes to be an investment in my heath and wellness.

Other random items:
  • A fabulous and yet versatile statement necklace.
  • Brown knee-high boots (about the same color as that Coach purse, not too orangy).
  • Something involving polka dots.
  • Cute headbands or other hair accessories.
  • OPI's Muppet nail polish collection.
  • A new pair of VS Pink sweats (perfect for opening gifts Christmas morning)
  • Brown leather Fossil purse (my Coach fallback)
  • More fun colored cardigans.
  • Stacking bracelets.

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