Monday, November 7, 2011

Fashion Week Day 7: 7 Fabulous Fall Finds

I wasn't planning on dragging Fashion Week into this week, but I ended up being so busy being gone to my conference and meetings last week that this fell on my priority list. I wanted to wrap up this little series on fashion for teachers by sharing a few great items that I've picked up this fall. (Actually I've cut back on my shopping this fall so some of this was purchased during my last big shopping event when I was on vacation at the end of the summer. I'm planning on another big shopping trip out of town sometime between Thanksgiving and Christmas!)

Here's a few items for work (and play) that could be great for any teacher's wardrobe!

J. Crew V-Neck Sweater - The one I purchased is no longer online, but I must admit I have an addiction to v-neck sweaters. I think they're the most flattering style on me and they're great for layering! I bought a lovely rich turquoise sweater.

Banana Republic V-Neck Sweater - I bought this one in dark charcoal and have been wearing it quite a bit. It's definitely a great go with anything, wear to anything sweater. I'd like to pick up the fuchsia one once it goes on sale or when I have another coupon.

Banana Republic Timeless Crewneck Tee - I've really needed some good layering tees to go under my sweaters, but my collection was really old and gross. I bought these in black and white and have been wearing them a lot ever since. It's a good quality tee that's great for layering.

Banana Republic Sweater Blazer - This was probably my biggest splurge (even though I hit a great sale and had a coupon on top of that) and the item that was most unlike anything else. Okay, gray sweaters aren't unique for me, but the blazer part is. I've been wearing it a lot and I think it's gonna get some good wear as we near the holidays.

AE Slouchy Popover - This sweatshirt is amazingly comfy. It's like a cross between terry cloth and fleece. It's been getting a lot of weekend wear and come winter on those "this should be a snow day but it's not" days I may pair it with khakis and a collared shirt for work!

Gap Super Lightweight Long and Lean Jeans - To say these are jeans is a bit misleading because they're more like dress pants in the cut of jeans. These were the one pair of dress pants I picked up before school started this year. Remember how I said dress pants are the hardest thing for me to find? More should be like this.

Gap Strapless Print Maxi Dress - This is a prime example of taking something and making it work appropriate. I found this dress on MAJOR clearance a few weeks ago ($7.48!) and had to have it. It was too chilly by that point to wear it alone so I've paired it with both a cardigan and a denim jacket to make it appropriate for work and the cooler temps. This is also a prime example of how deals in store are typically way better than online... It's still $48.99 online!

Have you found an fab items for fall? What are your cold weather staples? Please share! I'd love to hear your comments and feedback!


Well, there you go! I hope everyone enjoyed Fashion Week. I had a lot of fun sharing these things with everyone and I'm thinking I'll do this again in the spring!

In the meantime, check back soon for some school related posts. I've got some neat Pinterest-related finds to share and I'm also planning on sharing some things on how I run reading work stations! See you soon!

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