Friday, January 20, 2012

Fashion Friday: Stripe Obsessed

I professed my love for pink a couple weeks ago in this post, but I must admit I have another fashion infatuation this spring:  STRIPES!  

I've always loved a good striped top.  I had a navy and white striped shirt from Old Navy back in 8th grade that I literally wore at least twice a week...  Usually one day with jeans and then another day with overalls (yes, overalls).  My love for stripes has remained pretty consistent as my fashion sense has grown.  I really hadn't added many striped items to my closet in a few years until they started popping up again in stores this past fall.  

And now, spring stripes!  I'm really having to exercise some self control when it comes to all of the stripes that are popping up in stores with the new spring clothing collections.

Here are a few new arrivals that I've picked up on sale or with a discount.  Amazingly these are pretty much my only recent clothing purchases.  Do you see a trend here?  All stripes!

Ann Taylor Striped Snap Sleeve Tee - This is actually my very first Ann Taylor purchase.  They were running 40% off last weekend.  It's a little short and wide, but actually pretty flattering.  And the snap detail on the sleeve is ADORABLE!

Gap Striped Colorblock T - I picked this one up right after Christmas with a coupon, but it's already sold out online!  I love the pink and the boat neck.

Aerie Loose Knit Sweater - I worked at Aerie a couple of times during the holidays and purchased this with my employee discount.  It's also kind of short and wide, but very cute with some slimmer cut jeans.  I have a feeling I'm really going to like it a lot come spring!

I'm also still wishing to add this one from J.Crew to my closet.

Maritime dress
I tried on a blue and white version at the J.Crew Factory store a few weeks ago, but my heart is set on either black and white or navy and white.  I'd been set on getting the navy one, but now that I see how many navy striped items I have, I'm leaning more towards black.  Plus, it would look super cute with my black crochet TOMS.
A lot of people are under the impression that horizontal stripes are unflattering.  This can certainly be true, but if you wear stripes the right way and in the right fit, they can actually be very flattering.  For example, I tried on a great sweater at Ann Taylor that had thick black and white stripes.  The sweater fit really nicely, but the bottom white stripe landed right at the widest part of my hips.  Now, had the black stripe fallen there it would have been fine, but it just didn't quite look its best on me.  Stripes are also good for layering.  Sometimes stripes alone can be a little much, but layered with a great cardigan or jacket they can be really great!
Now here's a look at some of the other striped items in my closet.  I love the fact that I have quite a bit to work with and that I'm getting so much (p)inspiration to rock them in new ways and with different accessories.

I picked up the navy tank at Banana Republic at the beginning of the summer and wore it a TON.  I found the gray version on major clearance later in the fall and decided to add it to my collection as well.  I love how it was a little loose and flowy without being too overwhelming.

This is a Gap sweater from about 2 years ago.  I love the pink and gray rugby stripes!  Gap is usually one of my go-to places for sweaters.  (Except this year when their fall and winter collections kinda sucked.)

Here's an oldie but goodie from AE.  It's at least 3 or 4 years old.  I don't remember how much it was, but I do recall it was super, super cheap.  I love the variety in the stripes and the yellow trim inside always makes me want to pair it with a fun colored tee or tank.

This Aerie tunic was from this past fall.  It's a prime example of how stripes can be much more flattering when layered.  Maybe if I were a few pounds lighter I could pull it off alone, but the length and stripes are a little overwhelming on me.  I pair this one with a jacket or cardigan (and belt it) to tone it down a bit and make it more flattering.

Last fall and spring my color obsession was olive / army green.  I picked this sweater up on sale at Aerie on a great sale (I'm thinking this was in the $10 range) and I wore the heck out of it all spring.  I'm ready for the weather to warm up and to bust this one out again.  

And finally some pics from good 'ol Pinterest!
(All images below are pinned from Pinterest.  Click the pic to view the pin.  From there you can click to find the original website.)

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What are your fashion obsessions this spring?  
Do you love stripes too?  
Any good finds?

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