Friday, January 13, 2012

Loooooong Weekend!

I just wanted to say hi to everyone and wish you all a wonderful long weekend!  (That is, if you're off work on Monday!)  We had an inservice today, so I had some extra time today to get some stuff prepped for the coming weeks.  It felt soooooo good to get a few more things checked off my "to do" list!

I don't really have a whole lot planned for this weekend.  I've had friends in town the past two weeks / weekends, so I haven't had a lot of down time at home to just chill.  I've been fighting a cold since last Friday as well and I think my body is craving some extra rest and relaxation.  I'm hoping to get around to a couple small school-related projects that I got from Pinterest.  If I actually get around to that, I'll be sure to share some pics!  I'm also planning on FINALLY taking down my Christmas decor here at home.  Between my friends and my cold I haven't had the time or energy to get that accomplished yet!

If you're a Target shopper, I wanted to share that their dollar section has some good buys for the classroom right now.  I've noticed the last couple years they bring out a small assortment of school items again during winter.  They had the plastic book / magazine bins (you can see mine in use here and here and in my friend's classroom here), stickers, stamps, notepads, and quite a few other organization  and office supplies.  I've been really good about not spending money on school items the past few months, but I did pick up a few goodies for a buck each:  Pink plastic file organizer, 2 2-packs of file folders, 1 package of stickers, and 3 nonfiction books.

I try to pick up these little nonfiction books whenever Target carries them.  We're a Literacy First school and we're supposed to have a research station for our students.  These books are great for that.  I usually have the kids fill out a little one-page nonfiction book report (do a Google search for non-fiction book reports and you'll find a ton of goodies).  We're also supposed to have a classroom library of 60% nonfiction.  My classroom library is far FAR from that, but these little books are a great budget friendly addition.  They vary in difficulty, but thankfully, most of the ones I've run across are just right for most of my third graders.  I've probably accumulated 20 - 30 of these books over the past year or so since Literacy First made its way into our lives.

So, what are your weekend plans?  Are you going to be productive, lazy, or both?  


  1. Is it sad that I knew it was target goodies before I even read your post? Haha!

  2. What am I doing this weekend? RUNNING to Target to pick up some of those cute folders!
    Center Folders! Center Folders! Can you say cute Center Folders?!?!
    Thanks for the heads up!
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  3. I'm pretty sure this stuff was put out just this week because I didn't see any of it last week when I was there. I think I may go back and get more of the cute folders because they're very similar to some I picked up at Target in August and they're perfect for my hanging file organizer from Mardel.

  4. cute stuff and I am still getting over the fact that they REQUIRE you to have at least 60% of your library nonfiction

  5. Love me some Target dollar bin finds!! And I love your blog. I want to pass you an award! Please head over to my blog to accept.


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