Friday, January 13, 2012

Fashion Friday: Wardrobe Staples

I have a friend that we always joke is stuck in a wardrobe rut...  She's pretty much got the exact same tops, pants, and shoes in various colors.  We always try to encourage her to branch out and try new things, but she's usually a little slow to try out new trends.  

I think we can all be this way when it comes to fashion.  I know I'm this way, particularly when it comes to work clothes.  This time of year I pretty much live in sweaters and cardigan and black pants.  I will admit, there are some items that I definitely think are worth purchasing in multiples.  There's absolutely nothing wrong with having some great wardrobe staples as long as you know how to make them a little more exciting with your jewelry and accessories.  I wanted to share a few of these work-friendly items with you today and some fun ways to dress them up.
Tippi sweater

J.Crew Tippi Sweater - Long story short, it took two tries, but I ended up with a couple of these sweaters when I purchased them on sale before Christmas.  I've been wearing the heck out of these two sweaters (mine are a "heather viridian green" and "bright dahlia") for work and play.  They're pretty lightweight which is great for layering, especially if you have a classroom in which "climate control" is out of your vocabulary.  I've been having fun pairing mine with fun statement necklaces and patterned scarves.  I'm hoping some more colors go on sale soon (I bought my two for less than the regular price of one) so I can stock up on a few more of these lovelies.  

Banana Republic Timeless Crewneck Tee - A while back I ended up going on a quest for good basic short sleeve tees to layer with sweaters and jackets.  I ended up getting this tee in black and white and wear one or both of them at least once or twice a week.

Express Editor Original Pant - I have these in black and gray and they're pretty much my go-to dress pants. In my opinion, Express pants are totally worth the money.  I remember dropping over $100 for two pairs of Express dress pants when I was working an office job in college.  That was a HUGE deal for me and my college student budget at the time, but I still have one of those two pairs today!  (The other I think died in a tragic ripped-waist accident...)  My favorite cut of pants was discontinued a few years ago, but these are the next best thing and are a great staple for work.  

DC Villain Skate Shoe - Yes, skater shoes are a part of my teacher wardrobe!  I'm constantly on the hunt for comfy shoes for work.  I went out last year looking for some comfy black shoes for the cold weather months...  With a budget of $50 - 60.  I found these and gave them a try with my black pants and they passed!  You really can't see the DC logos with my pants covering them and they're seriously my most comfortable pair of shoes!  They're not super super dressy by any means, but they pass the test and are perfect for all day wear.

Now, accessories are the key to making the basics look not so basic.  

I'm quite a big fan of scarves during pretty much any season except summer.  I wouldn't say I have a huge collection of fashion scarves, but I've tried to add really versatile ones to my collection.  Polka dots, floral, stripes, and animal print are all part of my collection.  Most recently I found some basic bright scarves for $4 at the grocery store!  I picked up a few for myself and to give as Christmas gifts and my mom gave me another one as well!  I found this awesome pin on Pinterest on ways to tie fashion scarves.  Gap typically has some good patterned scarves and Forever 21 is usually a good option if you're on a budget.  

I'm also a big fan of jewelry.  I've really been into bold necklaces lately, but I also don't really like to drop a ton of money on my jewelry.  Francesca's sometimes has really good sales on their pieces.  Once again, Forever 21 is great if you're on a budget.  I've been trying to be more creative with my jewelry and have been layering some of my items for more visual interest.  I've also hit the jackpot a few times and scored a couple really great items on clearance at Banana Republic.  Sometimes all a plain outfit needs is a really great necklace to take it from boring to amazing.

What are your wardrobe staples?  Do you have any must-have multiples in your closet?


  1. I have found some great Express and Limited dress pants at Marshall's and TJ Maxx over the years. They are usually less than $20!

  2. I LOVE scarves. They add color to any boring shirt. You will always find me wearing one when it is cold outside. =) Not sure if that can be considered a staple because you don't really need it, but it sure is a great accessory! =)

    Ms. Smith
    The Adventures of Ms. Smith

  3. Andi-- I've had some luck with Limited pants at TJ Maxx as well. The last pair I found was even on clearance so they were super cheap! I wish I'd have more success with finding Express pants there.

    Ms. Smith-- I think scarves are my favorite cold weather accessory as well! I have a lot of really basic sweaters and cardigans, so I find myself adding scarves to a lot of those basics.


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