Friday, February 17, 2012

Fashion Friday: Dressing for Conferences

We had conferences this week, which can make for some very long work days.  Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday we had full school days and then met with parents until 7 p.m.  The kids didn't have school Thursday, but we had parents coming in for conferences until noon.  After that, I kicked off my 4 1/2 day weekend with some errands, a nap, and some quality time with my couch and DVR.  (It's amazing how I fell behind on my shows just stay at work 'til 7 a few nights this week.)

Anyway, I've seen a few other teacher bloggers post about what to wear for conferences, so I thought I'd show some Polyvore examples of outfits that I wore (or thought of wearing) for our conferences this week.  I try to keep my conference week outfits somewhat dressy, but also very comfortable since I have to be in them ALL day long.  

(BTW...  I've been having trouble pasting the Polyvore codes so I had to pin the pics to Pinterest and link them from there to my Polyvore page.)

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This first outfit is a pretty close replica of what I wore on Monday.  We ended up getting our first decent dumping of snow on Sunday night so I knew in planning my Monday outfit I needed to go for warm, easy, and comfortable.  (I'm not a morning person at all and my normally 20-25 minute commute to work has taken up to an hour and 45 minutes on snowy days.)  I bought the Bright Ponte Blazer from Gap a while back and wanted to wear it on Valentine's Day Eve.  This outfit was super comfy and kept me warm, but still looked polished for meeting with parents.

(I won't share my Tuesday outfit...  We normally wear bully shirts with jeans on Tuesdays, but I have a purple K-State Valentine's tee that says "Be My Wildcat."  Yes, I totally rocked that tee and jeans for our party and conferences.  Not dressy at all, but it was appropriate for the holiday and I'm pretty sure none of the parents thought twice about it.  They know how hardcore I am about my Wildcats.  Heck, I still wore that tee after they'd lost to nasty KU the night before!)

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This wasn't my actual Wednesday outfit, but I did consider rocking this sweater with black pants.  I came across this skirt at Target the other night, but didn't have time to try it on.  It was a great thick knit material, but would be really nice for all seasons.  I don't wear a lot of skirts to work (I'm more into dresses if I do go that route and that's pretty much only when it's warm outside), but I wanted to share a comfy look that is also very polished and professional.  I read several blogs of other teachers and I'm sometimes shocked by how dressy some of them are!  I know some schools have much more strict dress codes than we do, but I can't imagine spending my day in heels and pencil skirts.  Don't get me wrong, I love that look, but it's just not really my thing.  

Another one of my Polyvore creations...  I'm finally figuring out how to wear this sweater from Old Navy.

I have to admit something...  Pants are not my strong area as far as work apparel.  I pretty much only wear black pants.  I have a few others, but I just struggle with finding non-black pants that flatter me and fit my budget.  Since we were only working until noon on Thursday and I had errands to run in the afternoon I decided to rock one of my favorite pairs of jeans.  These are the Straight Jeans from AE and they're pretty awesome.  They're very flattering, a great price, and easy to roll up and wear cropped during warm weather.  I'm on my second pair in the dark wash because I wore the heck out of them!  I bought this "dalmation print" sweater at Old Navy last month and had only worn it once.  It's a size bigger than normal, so the first time I wore it I felt a little sloppy and awkward.  I never dry my sweaters, but I did for this one and I was super happy to see it fit much better.  I decided to tone down the print my pairing it with my beloved black AE blazer (pretty sure it was my best purchase with my employee discount) and topped it with some gold accessories and some comfy boots.  Dressy enough for conferences and comfy enough for running around later in the day!

I was once told to never dress nicer than your dressiest parent...  Has anyone else heard that?  I'm not sure what to think of that concept.  I feel like I was dressed up more than most of the parents I met with, but I'm pretty sure most of them weren't wearing their work attire.  Just normal people clothes and stuff that you throw on after work.  

What do you think?  How do your dress for conferences?  Is it any different than what you'd wear on a normal school day?

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