Friday, February 24, 2012

Fashion Friday: Electric Blue

I'm going to begin this post with a little 80's awesomeness...

Icehouse - "Electric Blue"

Yup, that's totally on my iPod.  (And maybe another Icehouse song or two...  Wonder whatever happened to Icehouse?)

I will wear pretty much any color.  Not to sound totally conceited, but I'm blessed to have a skin tone that looks good in pretty much any color.  Obviously some color look better than others, but I can pull off a lot of colors that others can't.  (My mom has pretty fair skin and is one who can't.)  

I'm trying to get more adventurous with colors and I've been loving all of the brights and neons that are popping up with spring collections.  

And then, there's blue...

I don't really like wearing blue and hardly buy blue clothes.  Here's why:  1.)  Many shades of blue are hard to pair with jeans.  Some just don't look right.  AT ALL.  2.)  Black pants are my go to for work and a lot of shade of blue don't look good with black.  (I might add that navy is well represented in my closet, but I'm talking about blue blues.)

<Might I mention that I don't even decorate my house in any blues?  I'm shocked that I actually want a bedding set that is mostly a grayish blue.  Yeah, I really don't ever get drawn to blue.  Maybe it's partly because it's one of KU's colors?  I HATE KU!  >

I inventoried my closet and aside from turquoise and navy blues I had only three blue items in my closet-- A cardigan from AE that's at least 5 years old and probably hasn't been worn in at least 2 years (time to take that to the resale shop), a blue AE hoodie from college that has been retired to sleepwear, and my Rabies Fun Run t-shirt (based on this episode of  "The Office").

I popped into Gap recently when I had a 40% off coupon and tried on quite a few items.  I picked up a super cute pink cardigan...  Lightweight, dark pretty pink color, great length.  I just couldn't justify getting another pink cardigan.  Then I spotted the same cardi in a pretty bright blue (take a look right here).  I took it back to the dressing room and tried it on with a black skirt and black tank that I was already wearing and it amazingly looked good against the all black outfit.  Now, I COULD justify getting a color that was not already represented in my closet.  Plus, when I got it home, it looked good with my favorite dark jeans from AE.  Win!  

I've been having some fun finding ways to make my cardigan work with what I already have.  (Yay me!)  I'm thinking I may attempt some sort of color blocking outfit with this cardi.

(Disclaimer:  If you're looking into buying this cardigan I thought I might share I sized up in it.  I typically go first for a L at Gap and then sometimes size up or down from there.  The day a bought this cardi I was wearing a M sweater from there and it was very slouchy fitting.  I tried on both a L and XL and ended up going with the XL.  It's a little more loose fitting and gets a little looser with wear, but I liked it more for layering and it still looks neat and polished buttoned up.  Don't you love sizing?  I own items in every size from XS to XL from Banana Republic!  LOL)

I shall leave you with some blue (p)inspiration...

bright blue!     Bright blue     love the bright blue    Turquoise and Blue      blue nail polish is necessary.


  1. Beautiful blue! I love your blog and all that you share. Thanks so much!

    1. Thanks, Leslie! I'm glad you enjoy reading it! :)


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