Sunday, February 26, 2012

Stress Relief

It's that time again...  State assessments are here!  Some of my students begin testing first thing Monday morning and the rest will begin Tuesday morning.  I'm sure they're going to do well, but there's still that stress that always comes when this season arrives.

As assessment coordinator(ish) for my school, I've been working on getting treats together for the 3rd through 5th grade classes for assessments.  That was pretty much what I spent most of my Friday doing.  The last hour of the day my students helped me label, count, and distribute assessment treats to all of the classrooms.  I'm pretty sure without their help it would have been a 7 hour job!

(I need to remember to take pics of our assessment treats for the kids...  We have a little something for them each day.)

Anyway, I decided this weekend is devoted to taking care of me and not stressing out.  With conferences and going out of town last week I've been feeling very sluggish and that's not helping the stress.  These are my top priorities for my weekend...
My Weekend Companions

  1. Workout - I love working out.  I love putting on my headphones, reading a fun magazine, and dominating that elliptical for an hour or so.  I love how I feel after a good workout, especially when I'm stressed out.
  2. Paint my nails - I'm one of those girls that pretty much refuses to pay to get a mani / pedi (I've had one pedi and that was a gift and 2 manis only because I was a bridesmaid and wanted to look nice).  I have a serious nail polish addiction though, and stupid Pinterest hasn't helped to curb that addiction AT ALL! (Check out my "Stuff That Makes You Pretty" board on Pinterest.)  Personally, I think it's fun to paint my own nails and pamper myself while watching some TV.
  3. Sleep - I love sleeping so much.  Who doesn't?!?  I'm so much more motivated to get things done when I'm actually well rested.
  4. Spend quality time with my TV - I used to not understand my mom's addiction to her DVR...  Then, I got one myself.  I love that I don't have to worry about when things are on TV and I can just watch them whenever.  I also do Netflix DVDs one at a time and have a movie to get caught up on.  
  5. Color my hair - I haven't colored my hair since last summer and I've noticed that when I pull my hair up it's two colors.  I don't really have to color my hair (yet), but I like switching up my color every now and then.  (This round's color is going to be Garnier Nutrisse Soft Mahogany Brown 415.)
So, how do you recover from the craziness of teaching on the weekends?
How do you pamper yourself?
Did you do anything special this weekend?
Please share! :)


  1. have given you the Liebster award! It's a great recognition for new bloggers. Your blog is cute and I just joined you. Go to my link and you'll see how to grab the award and follow the directions.


    Second In Line

  2. TV therapy is great for me! I teach 3rd grade too. Stop on by my blog.

    Yearn to Learn Blog

  3. I'm not very good at this. I should stop by and read some comments later to get some more ideas, because I'm definitely a take-it-with-you and dwell on it all the time kind of teacher. Thanks for sharing!
    Buzzing with Ms. B

  4. We don't start assessments until next week...but I sure could use some stress relief relaxing time. I think we are more stressed than the kids!


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