Friday, February 15, 2013

Fashion Friday: Pinterest Style

There's no doubt that Pinterest has had an influence on my style in the past couple years.  I feel like I've always been a somewhat stylish person, but I typically stuck with looks that felt very "safe."  I used to be the queen of matching everything and I've definitely broken out of that shell.

Today I'm sharing 3 tips on how to use Pinterest to spice up your wardrobe.  Pinterest has helped me become a little more stylish, a lot more adventurous, and a more discerning shopper.


Pin anything and everything you love...  Even if you wouldn't wear it in real life.

In my mass of outfit pins, I have plenty that are things I wouldn't actually wear in real life.  Neon pink shorts? Not on these legs!  But, I do love this pin for the great color combo and accessories.  Take inspiration from color schemes, accessories, and other pairings.  

Use Pinterest to help you be a better shopper.  

I can be a pretty indecisive shopper at times, so I love looking up items on Pinterest to see how others have styled it.  If I'm contemplating a purchase this really helps me see how it could work with items already in my closet.  I also like seeing how items look on real people and not just on a website or a model.  Seeing how things are styled in real life has helped make or break a potential purchase.  (I've found this especially helpful when I'm looking at buying something online and I don't get to see it in person first.)

Can I be creative in styling this item in multiple ways?  Do I already have multiple pieces that this will go with?  Are these ideas practical for my lifestyle?  If you can say yes, then it's probably not going to be a bad purchase.

Source: on Pinterest

I wore this shirt with a similar gold necklace earlier this week...  I walked in and my boss asked my other coworker if she liked my "Mr. T" necklace.  I explained that my outfit was Pinterest-inspired and that I look things up when I buy them to get ideas.  Great...  Now I just gave the boss one more thing to make fun of me for.  (Don't worry, it's all in good fun!)

Get inspired to style old items in new ways.

I have a lot of older items in my closet that are nice, but I'm just tired of wearing them in the same way.  I turn to Pinterest to look for similar items and ideas on new ways to style them.  There have been a few pieces that could have been easily forgotten (and thrown out) had I not looked for new ideas on how to style them.

Here's a perfect example...  I searched for "polka dot shirt" and ended up finding this pin of the exact shirt I've neglected in my closet! It was great to see how it was paired with cooler weather clothes and that it doesn't just have to be a summer shirt.

How does Pinterest inspire or influence your style?  


  1. These were great tips! I definitely use Pinterest to nail down the look I want, and when I see outfits with pieces I have. I rarely copy anything completely, but it's such a great way to catalog looks and ways of wearing things. I've learned a ton of tricks too!

    1. Thanks! I think Pinterest has helped me be a lot more creative in my outfits and pairing up old items in new ways!


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