Tuesday, September 11, 2012

EBEW: Back to School (and a few other random things)

Okay, humor me for a moment.  

Back To School | Everybody, Everywear

I always love checking out Everybody, Everywear, but I've never participated...  Here's why:

1.  It's on Tuesdays and Tuesday is a dress down day at my school.  I am hardly fashionable on Tuesdays.
2.  I don't think to take outfit photos before EBEW Tuesdays.
3.  I don't have anyone to take outfit photos for me and I don't have a tripod.  This isn't an outfit of the day blog, so I don't really care much to take outfit pics since I can't seen to get very good self-in-the-mirror photos.

Please forgive the horrid little collage I threw together.  Like I said, I'm not an outfit blogger, so this is totally not my thing.  Plus, these were taken after work so I feel like my hair is a mess and I was running late this morning so my makeup is on the minimal side.  I actually did about 6 outfits and 20+ pics, but I wasn't very happy with the outcome.  I salvaged these 3 with some crappy editing with Publisher.  

Regardless, I wanted to participate in this month's EBEW because the theme is Back to School.  I thought this would be a great opportunity to style my new navy blazer

I love style trends, but I'm also a fan of really classic looks.  I've really never been a fan of blazers on myself, but these from AE are the most flattering and most reasonably priced ones I've found.  I grabbed this one in navy a few weeks ago and am very happy with my purchase.  It's been to warm to wear, but I'm happy that I went on and bought it while they still had my size.

I styled my blazer in 2 casual ways with my super dark jeans from Old Navy.  These are the Diva jeans that were from the $15 promo a month or so ago.  I haven't worn (and liked) ON jeans since high school, but these are a winner.  

For the first look I paired my jeans and blazer with a gray graphic tee from Gap.  (Buy it here.)  I lived in graphic tees in high school, so this one totally reminds me of all of those Gap, AE, and Abercrombie tees that filled my closet back in the day.  This is just my updated version of my go-to high school look.

The second look is paired with a fun little plaid shirt from AE that I bought last year.  Button-downs are a very rare purchase for me.  This one not only fit, but was a super cute red, navy, black, and ivory plaid!  Once again, this kind of reminds me of something I'd have worn back in high school, just a little updated!
My final look is a slightly cuter take on the college tee.  I have a whole dresser drawer full of K-State tees (seriously!) and this one is more form fitting and a little retro style.  It's perfect to pair with a cardigan, some cute jeans, and some fun accessories for a slightly dressier game day look!  


I thought I'd leave you today with a little look into my bedroom and my perfume collection.  This is so totally not everything, but I did recently rotate my perfumes and body sprays that I keep out.  I traded out my more summery scents for a few fall / year-round fragrances.  

This little side table was about $30 a Kohls a few years ago and has been quite the traveler.  It was an entryway table for a while, then served as a similar purpose in my basement, and has now migrated into my bedroom.  

I have to admit, I need to decorate above this table a bit more, but I haven't figured out what would look right.  

I keep my sprays on this tray from Pottery Barn and it's the perfect spot for me to grab one and spritz on my way out in the morning.    

Here's what currently in rotation:

Lucky You by Lucky Brand
Heavenly by Victoria's Secret
Wildbloom by Banana Republic
Ralph by Ralph Lauren (an all-time fave)
Aerie Botanicals Apricot + Sugar Cane
Be Enchanted from Bath & Body Works
Leaves from Bath & Body Works

I added a couple of these because they're almost out, so I want to go on and finish them off.  I have quite the perfume collection, but a lot of them are nearly empty.  I'm going to try to polish off a few bottles and may use my Birchbox points for the new Viva la Juicy La Fleur in a couple months!

I hope you all have a great Tuesday!  I promise one of these days I'll get back to posting more teaching and school related things.  I've been so busy with other school stuff that I kinda of forget to take pics to do some of those posts.  One of these days...

Let me know what your fall style / back to school style is and if you have any must-have perfumes for fall!  


  1. YAY for EBEW! I really like both of the outfits with the blazer - super cute!

    1. Thanks, Andi! I'm excited to style this blazer for the cooler weather. I really loved the black one I bought last year, so I'm excited to have this one in my collection now too!

  2. Love your blog, I teach 3rd grade also so I like to see what other 3rd grade teachers are up to!


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