Monday, September 3, 2012

First HauteLook Purchase (& Review)

I know some of you subscribe for school tips and some you aren't teachers, so you subscribe for my other posts.  I've been posting a lot more non-school related things on here lately.  Here's why...  First, I feel so consumed with school stuff that when I sit down to blog I don't even want to think of school.  Second, I do have school posted planned, but I keep forgetting to take pics when I am at school, so then I can't complete the post.  

Moving on...

I received my first order from HauteLook a few days ago!  I joined at the beginning of the summer and get their daily e-mails, but haven't seen anything that was a total must have.  I prefer to purchase clothing and shoes in person unless I really know the brand and how it fits me, so I usually don't even look at those events.  I was excited to see Urban Decay featured a while back, so thought this might be a good opportunity to make my first purchase.  The only UD product I've tried was a mini of their De-Slick spray.  I liked the spray quite a bit, especially on days when I knew I would be running around all day and wanted my makeup to last.  So, when I saw that the XL bottle was going for only $18 on HauteLook, I decided to make this purchase.  

(For reference the XL bottle is 6 oz. and runs $34 at Sephora and Ulta.  The regular size bottle is 4 oz. and runs $29.  I had the trial size and it was $11.)

With shipping, my total was just over $23, so a savings of about $11.  

I've overall pleased with my purchase...  I knew what I was buying to begin with, so I really can't say I was expecting anything else!  The only thing I didn't really like about buying from HauteLook was how long it took to ship my item.  I ordered this on the 10th and got it on the 30th.  It did say online the estimated shipping / arrival dates, which I believe were between the 27th and 3rd, so this landed right in the middle.  I can't really complain since it said from the start when it would arrive, but when I'm used to getting online orders within 3 or 4 days, waiting 20 is a really long time.  

Will I order from HauteLook again?  It's a very good possibility!  They have good prices on some higher-end brands.  I keep a lookout mostly for the beauty events, but do occasionally browse the others.  The downfall is the time it takes to receive shipments, so I can't order anything that I'll want immediately.

Have you ever ordered from HauteLook?  What's your review?!?

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