Sunday, September 9, 2012

What's In My (Overnight) Bag

By the time you read this I'll actually be heading back from my weekend away.  I went with my family to my cousin's wedding a few hours away.  I decided to make a little trip out of it and stay in a hotel last night and do a little outlet shopping today.  

I thought I'd share what's in my overnight bag.  Since it was such a short trip, I only packed the essentials.  We actually drove straight to the wedding since we didn't have enough time to check into the hotel beforehand.

My favorite bag for an overnight / weekend trip is my Victoria's Secret Pink rolling duffel.  I snagged this one for about $20 a very years ago during their winter semi-annual sale.  My birthday is the same month, so I was able to use my birthday coupon on top of the sale.  Here's a very similar one, but it's currently $98.

I also use these two Thirty-One bags for my toiletries.  I bought it before my trip to NY last year, but I've found it's perfect for tossing my bathroom stuff for a short trip.  (I have a much larger travel bag for that stuff for longer trips.)  The smaller bag is padded and perfect for accessories and jewelry.

Totally forgot my eye shadow and liner when I took this pic!
For my makeup I use this little VS Pink canvas makeup bag that was a freebie from a few years ago.  It's washable and the perfect size for makeup.  Here are the makeup items I packed for my night away.

For clothes I also kept it pretty simple...  The weather has cooled off a bit, but not really enough to go all-out fall quite yet.  Since the only things we were doing were going to the wedding and then the next day shopping and driving home, I didn't really put a ton of thought into my clothes.  I took two tops and a scarf as my options depending on the weather.  My AE slouchy skinnies and my crochet Toms are good basics and good shopping pieces.

Shopping day outfit options!
Shoes - Toms (purchased last year online from Nordstrom)
Striped Shirt - Banana Republic (recent)
Gray Tee - Gap (recent)
Scarf - Gap (recent)
Jeans - AE (spring 2011)

Wedding outfit ~ Comfy dress and some cute accessories!
  Dress - Banana Republic (summer 2012)
Necklace - Forever 21
Earrings - AE
Belt - Gap (major clearance)

Let me just take a moment to talk about this amazing necklace from Forever 21.  It was $12.80, which I think is a lot for there, but it doesn't look super cheap like some of their jewelry.  J.Crew had one almost identical a year or two ago and I've run across it on Pinterest.  I've looked on eBay, but never found one that I wanted to buy.  I this one on my way out of the store and grabbed it immediately!

See similar styles on Pinterest:

Well, I hope you've all had a great weekend and maybe enjoyed some cooler temperatures!  I'll be sure to write a post on my shopping finds soon and share with you the goodies I found at the outlets.


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