Saturday, September 29, 2012

September Buys (That are resulting in a shopping ban...)

Fall is my favorite season, so I will totally admit I have a problem buying clothing items this time of year.  I have a serious addiction to cardigans (and just sweaters in general), which makes this all the more difficult.  I don't have a specific set clothing budget each month since my clothing collection is quite abundant.  I have a "fun money" budget that is for of my more unnecessary items.  Sometimes I use that budget for home decor, entertainment, etc.  It varies.  I really haven't bought anything other than clothes this month, so that's pretty much where all of my "fun money" went.  

**As a disclaimer, I did spend some money when I was out of town at the beginning of the month, but that was my "vacation fund" that was never actually spent on a vacation.  I'm not actually counting that in my total since that wasn't part of my normal budget / income.  I had about $65 of that leftover that I used to make some of the purchases below.

2 Gap cardigans ("raspberry sorbet" and "true indigo") - $50
1 Gap sweater (gray leopard print - no longer online) - $22
1 Gap skirt ("electric fuschia") - $17
Gap Sexy Boyfriend cords ("fall beige") - $45
1 Banana Republic shirt ("ivy league green") - $25

Emma striped tee | Banana Republic

2 pairs of AE Boyfit Crop jeans - $36  (I'm awaiting the arrival of these...  I bought 2 sizes because I wasn't sure.  Depending on the fits I may just keep one or both.)
AE clutch ("neon salmon") - $11
AE scarf - $14
Relic rose gold watch (from Kohl's) - $12
RELIC® Watches Trend Watches:Women Gia Rose Gold-Tone Multifunction Watch ZR15594
= $259


I returned / repurchased a shirt I'd originally purchased in August, saving me $21.  Then, if you factor in my $65 of leftover vacation money, my grand total goes down to:

= $173


Well, that's a little better.

Everything was purchased on sale or had some sort of discount, with the exception of the Target jeans.  They were full price, but I've found that with some Target items (particularly pants) I'm just best to grab it when I can.  Of course if I'd spent full price on everything my total would probably be somewhere upwards of $500.  (The watch alone was originally $110!)

I plan on my October spending to be quite different than this month was.  We have 3 birthdays in my family, so that's kind of where I plan on a chunk of my "fun money" to go.  I love shopping for others about as much  as I do for myself, so I'm more than happy to be able to give to my family!  The only real purchases for myself that I can see as being justified are some good fall / winter work shoes or some good some boots for the cooler months.  I'm not allowing myself any new tops (shirts, sweaters, tees, etc.) for the next month.  I really don't plan on getting much for myself between now and around Thanksgiving time.  I feel like I've gone a little crazy in the past month, so now it's time to put together new outfits and mix and match new items with older ones!

Finally, let's revisit my fall wish list...

Fall Wish List

I haven't really looked much for shoes yet since I totally am that person that wears sandals until there's snow on the ground. I finally found my navy sweater and a cute watch (although I still want a silver or gold one), so I've got a few more items from my list! Naked 2 and a bubble necklace are still on my wish list, but they're not very high priorities at this point. Maybe Christmas gifts to myself? We shall see.

I'm once again linking up with Franziska over at Franishh for her Budgeting Bloggers link-up, so please head over there and see what her and the other bloggers bought this month!


  1. I always love reading about others' shopping purchases so I can live vicariously through them! Love the watch you got, I love the look of all the rose gold ones I have been seeing lately but I haven't yet purchased one for myself.

    Love to Learn

  2. I love teacher cardigans! So jealous of all your shopping!
    Katie :)
    I Want to be a Super Teacher


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