Friday, May 17, 2013

Fashion Friday: My Summer Uniform

I'm back!  

It's technically only been about 2 weeks since my last post, but that's equivalent to at least 2 months in the blogging world, right?

Anyway, life has been super crazy lately between the whole car issue, the end of the school year, and the fact that I've been working more part-time on weekends.  (The bonus of having a boss that likes you...)  

After today I will officially be down to 2 1/2 school days with students, plus another day or so of work time. I'm sooooo ready for summer vacation!  My summer is actually looking to be fairly busy, but I'll still have a lot of downtime for relaxing and recovering from this crazy school year.

Summer Vacation Uniform

Here's a look at what would be a typical summer outfit...

Colorful Tees - I love basic cotton tees for running around on summer days.  I've been on a mission to upgrade my collection this year with some bright, fun colors and Gap's "Essential" tees have become a new favorite.  Tees can be paired with just about anything, which makes them a great summer essential.

Comfy Denim - I'm totally in love with my cropped boyfriend jeans from AE and wear them all the time.  I'm not much of a shorts person, but on really hot days I bust out my denim shorts.  They're another versatile hot weather item that keeps me cool and casual.

Fun Tote - For running around on summer days I sometimes choose a small tote over a regular purse.  They're great for when I'm taking a class and need space for a notebook or when I just need some extra space for a water bottle and sunglasses.

Cute Sandals - If I could get away with sandals all year, I totally would wear them all the time.  Well, those and my TOMS...  Cute, comfy, flat sandals are totally my go-to during the summer and are another item that's perfect for running around on a hot day.

Eye Catching Necklace - Since jeans and a tee is so basic, I love topping off a look with a cute necklace.  Sometimes a blank canvas like a colored tee is the perfect background for a fun statement necklace.

What is your typical summer uniform? 
Where are your favorite places to get clothing and accessories for the warm weather months?

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