Thursday, May 30, 2013

Thursday Confessions: Celebrity Crush

I'm slowly but surely getting back into my blogging groove, so I figured I'd have a little fun and post some confessions today.  In celebration of the release of season 4 of "Arrested Development" I thought I would share some confessions about my biggest celebrity crush...  JASON BATEMAN!!!

Let's get straight into these confessions...

  • I fell in love with Jason shortly after watching the movie "Juno."  Yes, that's right...  I started liking him after seeing him play a complete creepster who was hitting on a pregnant teenager.  I don't know what this says about the guys I am attracted to.  Rest assured, I try to stay away creepy men in real life.  (For reference, my favorite movies of his are "The Switch" and "Horrible Bosses.")
  • I spent the better part of several days (a few years ago) watching countless You Tube videos that come up under the "Jason Bateman" search.  What can I say?  It was summer vacation and I was bored...  And maybe in love.  Let me just say there's a lot of 80's goodness waiting to be watched.
  • I may have recently dedicated an entire Pinterest board to Jason.  The title of the board may also happen to be "Marry me!"  If you're an AD fan, you know the reference.
  • I seriously considered asking my local Gap store for the promo posters that featured Jason in their Christmas campaign a few years ago.  I then decided that I probably don't have a place in my home that would be quite right for featuring 5 foot tall poster of him.  
Okay, I'll stop there before you think I'm super crazy.  Seriously, though, Jason is wonderful and if you've never watched "Arrested Development" you need to.  (Although it's totally one of those shows you have to watch in order...  You can't really just jump into the new season online.  In fact, if you do that, you'll probably be beyond confused!)

Happy Thursday!  It's almost the weekend!


  1. I love Arrested Development also. I heard that they set up a Banana Stand in New York for a photo op. Hopefully it is still there when I go. I feel the same way about Josh Groban as you do about Jason Bateman.

    Chickadee Jubilee

  2. Yeah, Jason Bateman's pretty awesome. I love Arrested, but his 80's stuff just makes me laugh. His GQ photo shoot was pretty great, too. You made me laugh :)

    Luckeyfrog's Lilypad


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