Friday, June 7, 2013

Fashion Friday: Travel Style

I'm preparing to go on a slightly last minute vacation and have been trying to plan out my outfits.  Let's put it this way...  I'm not sure what I will be doing other than that there's probably going to be a trip within a trip, so I've been kinda keeping my packing to basics.  

For my traveling days, though, I decided I wanted to be as comfortable as possible without looking like a complete slob.  My first flight leaves at 6 a.m. since I'll most likely be surviving on 3 or 4 hours of sleep, I'll probably be napping it out on the plane.  

Traveling In Style (& Comfort)

Here's why I chose this look:

  1. It's incredibly comfy.  I mean, it's basically like wearing a long t-shirt or blanket.  
  2. It involves layers.  Airplanes are known to be cold, but I've also been on flights where the air wasn't working properly and it was unpleasantly warm.  I'm actually traveling to a cooler climate, so the jacket will come in handy once I get there.
  3. It's not scrubby looking.  The last time I had a super early flight I wore holey jeans, a K-State tee, and a baseball cap.  (Which I think actually makes for a cute combo...)  I got to my destination around lunchtime and it ended up that my friend and I immediately met up with her mom for lunch at at somewhat nice restaurant.  I really hadn't planned that out and felt like a scrub...  A cute scrub, but a scrub, nonetheless.  Since this flight will be the same way (arrive around lunchtime), I want to be presentable for whatever the rest of the day brings.  (I might add that I will probably pack some denim crops in my carry-on just in case the need for pants arises for some reason.)
After a long search, I finally found a black maxi skirt that I liked!  (I had the worst time finding on that was short enough, not slinky or clingy, and that was a reasonable price.)  I found this one from Target, but since my store didn't have my size in the black I ordered it online.  I also broke down and bought a light wash denim jacket from Gap with a reward coupon and the teacher discount.  Both items are good basics that will transition perfectly into my everyday wardrobe and my teacher wardrobe.

Need some more inspiration?  Check out these pins!

What's your travel style?


  1. I have no travel style because I don't The only travel we do lately is for my kid's softball... and all I wear is jeans and a top...or shorts and a top. Sitting out at the hot, dusty fields does nothing for my hair or my so-called style. Teehee. You do choose some pretty adorable outfits!
    Anywho, I'm your newest follower and I know I've been here before, because when I started my blog, I wanted a rockstar-teacher-name-like-theme and it was taken ;)

    1. Boyfriend jeans and colorful tees are totally my go to outfit these days! Thanks for following!

  2. Wait, gap has teacher discounts?? I'm in need of a nice denim jacket. Love your style!!
    Teaching in Paradise

    1. Yes! They do a 25% off discount on Tuesdays! I have a fellow teacher friend that works there and she told me about it last year. Since many of my other Gap coupons are better, I don't take advantage all that often, but 25% is a pretty generous discount. They have several denim jackets right now, so it might be a good time to check them out... They're my favorite place for those!


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