Friday, June 21, 2013

Fashion Friday: Vacation Wear

My vacation this summer ended up being a last minute trip to visit a close friend.  Within that vacation, we took a road trip to the West Coast and I really didn't know what to expect.  With packing, I pretty much stuck with simple tees that would be cute and comfortable for whatever activities.  I wanted to share what I packed for my week long trip.  I've always been an over-packer, so I had more than what I needed, but it all fit perfectly in my suitcase with room to spare.

1 & 4 - These are the J.Crew Factory textured Charley sweaters and I absolutely love them.  I didn't end of wearing either of them, but still think they were a good "just in case."

2 - My colorblock tee has made quite a few appearances on here...  It's cute, comfy, and soooo versatile!

3, 5, & 6 - Gap's "Essential" tees are probably my most worn item these days.  I wore these tees with my black maxi skirt and a jacket for my airplane rides.

7 - This Aerie tee is another cute, slouchy tee that's comfortable without being too sloppy.  I wore this one on one of our long driving days.

8 - I'm so happy I was able to snag this striped tee from Gap last month.  The minty embellishment by the neckline steps it up a notch from just a basic striped tee and it was pretty much the most dressed up I got during the week.

9 - I used to be a huge sucker for graphic tees, but don't really buy them much these days.  They're still great for those casual days when you want something a little more interesting than a basic t-shirt.

10 - Since the high temps were forecasted to be in the lower 70's, I decided to toss in a basic cardigan so that I had something to keep me warm that wasn't just a hoodie.

11 - These Aerie tees are so stinkin' soft.  The charcoal gray is a toned-down alternative to all of my other bright tees.  

12 - A lightweight basic hoodie was another essential for this trip.  I'm pretty sure I wore it almost everyday of my trip!

For bottoms, I kept it pretty basic with 2 pairs of AE boyfit jeans, a pair of black cropped pants, a black maxi skirt, and some denim shorts.  I wore the skirt on my airplane days (which was so comfy) and didn't end up wearing the shorts at all since it was pretty cool most of the time.  I wanted everything to be very easy to mix and match and I think I totally achieved that.

What do you pack for a casual vacation?  
What are your must have clothing items for summer travel?

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