Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Folder Games, Folder Games Everywhere!

We're in for a lot of changes in how we teach reading next year and I've been trying to reorganize and add to my collection of reading, language, phonics, and writing folder games for work stations (or centers, if that's what you want to call them). From what I've been told so far (I have yet to attend 5 days of literacy training this summer), I will be doing going from doing work stations once a day to twice a day. If I've done my math correctly that means I will need about twice as much material for my students so as not to repeat things through the year. I really am all about what's easy for me and the kids to run, but still challenges them with the skills they need. You can see in the picture above how I currently have them organized. The majority of my activities are Evan Moor Take It To Your Seat Centers. I have a handfull of others that I've found and downloaded from the internet, created on my own, or have purchased at the always wonderful Dollar Tree. I've been searching around online today for more free goodies or other resources that I can purchase and add to my collection. (This is all in addition to my Lakeshore wish list and the items that I will probably purchase there when I make a trip this summer.) Now it's up to me to to print these things off, put them together, laminate them, and get them all organized.

So, this is another thing I shall add to my summer to do list... The ever-growing list that it is...

Anyone have any brilliant ideas on organization? I have them sorted into these baskets, but I am planning on adding nice little labels to the top corner with the specific skill for easier access. I'm also planning on creating some short of checklist or spreadsheet so that I can mark off the ones I've used already for that year.


  1. I LOVE the Take it to Your Seat activities! I have them for both Rdg/LA and Math! Your blog is too cute! Thanks for sharing your ideas!


  2. I love finding 3rd grade blogs! I now follow!



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