Friday, April 1, 2011

Wish List

It's at about this point in the school year that I get really ready for summer vacation to roll around. Now, believe me, I love relaxing during the summer and NOT worrying about school stuff, but I do tend to get a burst of motivation to get prepared for the new school year. I recently was given the opportunity to fill out a "Wish List" of items that I would like for my classroom for next year, so this kind of kicked off my desire to get some new items and brainstorm some new ideas of things that I might enjoy. Enter Lakeshore's new catalog... If you're a teacher and you don't know Lakeshore, you need to get to know their catalog / website. It's probably my top store as far as teacher stuff. Unfortunately, the closest store is almost three hours away. I've only shopped in the store once last summer, but I usually do online purchases. If I posted everything I wanted, it'd be several thousand dollars worth of items. Here are a few of my top "wishes."

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