Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Summer To-Do List

My previous post stated that one of my things on my summer to-do list consists of some things related to the changes for reading next year. That got me thinking about all the things I have to do over my break to prep for next school year. I have to admit, I feel like I've been kind of a slacker teacher this year and haven't done as much of my fun "above and beyond" things that I've done in years past. I've already resolved that it's not going to be that way next year and that I'm going to put in a lot of time during June and July to get off on the right foot. That said, I figured what better place than on here to write out my to-do list... I figured if I post it on here maybe there'll be some accountability and I'm sure not to lose the list in a random notebook or a slip of paper. Plus, if I put this out there for others I figure I may also want to show off what I've accommplished later on when I actually get these things done.

*sigh* I actually wish I was as motivated to finish off this school year on a fantastic note as I am to start next year... Don't get me wrong, though, my summer will be filled with tons of non-school activities (and chores)!

  1. assemble and organize literacy center activities

  2. figure out what the heck to do about math centers next year since we do Everyday Math now

  3. label and organize my classroom library

  4. label and organize the new grade level non-fiction books

  5. weed out the junk in my classroom that I don't use or need

  6. revamp and organize my word wall materials

  7. revamp and organize my focus wall materials

  8. create new lunch and library pocket charts

  9. shop and blow my summer school budget at Lakeshore

  10. find cool sports themed materials and ideas


That's all I've come up with for now... I'm sure I'll think of more things later! ; )


  1. You have a pretty big to do list!! I'm moving rooms so I'll be pretty busy myself! Good luck!

    Thoughts of a Third Grade Teacher

  2. Hey! Are you on proteacher too? I love your blog look! The cassette in the sidebar is awesome!

    I have a big summer to do list too...I love being home and planning for a new year! Looking forward to reading more of your blog :)

    Ladybug's Teacher Files

  3. It looks like you'll be busy! I'm excited and and dread my to do list

    I need to work on your #11. I'm pretty awful about freaking out about new changes.


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