Sunday, March 18, 2012

Spring Break Sunday (blah) & A Shopping Story

I must say, it was a wonderful feeling to turn off my weekday alarms and know that I have nothing I have to get up for at all this week.  I've been pretty lazy the past few days...  The only thing I've done is lay around, watch basketball, be on my laptop, and go shopping.

I went to Banana Republic three times within about 24 hours...  Good thing I live just a mile and a half away.

Here's the story.

I was over by there yesterday when I went to return a shirt to Ann Taylor (impulse buy with immediate buyer's remorse) and decided to pop into good 'ol BR to see what's new.  I hadn't been into BR in quite some time, so pretty much everything there was new to me.  I really love their stuff, but it can be quite pricey.  The good thing about BR is they can run some really good promos and have some amazing clearance sales.  

I've been wanting some new casual dresses for spring and summer and I spotted some nice knit t-shirt dresses (here's the striped version), so I gave them a try.  I ended up liking the solid black one (not online right now) and although I do have quite a large number of LBDs I decided this one was different enough to add to my collection. I also found some cute striped tops.  The problem was they were all full price, and they werent't running any promos.  Shopping fail.  I couldn't remember if I had any coupons at home and I knew I'd be back by when I went to church in the evening, so I had my favorite employee hold a couple items.  I found a (measly) 15% off coupon at home so I decided to just go on and get the dress and one of the shirts that evening.  As soon as I sat down to Facebook when I got home I saw a Facebook fan discount at BR for 50% off up to 5 items for today!  I called my BR store and asked if I could return my items and rebuy them with the 50% off and they agreed!  So, I went back today and added another striped top and a headband and still got $12 back from my original purchase.  Once again, making friends with the sales associates paid off!  They're great over there!

(I've really been trying to not just go shopping when I'm bored, but I let's face it...  I'm an emotional shopper.  Good mood, bad mood, whatever--  I like to shop as my escape. Without sounding like a sad sack I'll just say I'm kinda stressed about some stuff with other people that's out of my control.  I'm just trying to put it in God's hands and pray about everything.)

***And now, KU just won their game.  Ugh!  I strongly dislike them with a passion.  Now I'm in a really bad mood.***

Anyway, other than my shopping fail that turned into a success, I've had a fairly dull break so far.  I need to call up some of my in town friends and try to make some plans to get out and be social in some form.  I feel like getting out and doing something (something that isn't shopping by myself) is what I need right now.  As much as I enjoy some downtime and some time by myself, I'm a naturally social person and breaks like this really make me crave that time around other people.  Is anyone else like that?  

Well, I feel like this post is during into me whining, so I think I'll just stop.  I'm trying to come up with some new topics for the blog, so please post your suggestions for anything you'd like me to talk about!  I'm hoping to get some posts on putting together your classroom on a budget, planning for the next school year, and field trips sometime soon.  Hopefully I'll get around to one (or all) of those this week!


  1. Cute dress! I love shopping. Well, when I actually have money!

    Adventures of a Third Grade Teacher

    1. Yeah I love shopping TOO much! One of my goals for this week is to clean out my spring wardrobe and try to take some items into a resale shop and get some money. I need to inventory my warm weather clothes and decide what needs to go!


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