Thursday, June 5, 2014

Classroom Wish List

Every summer I'm faced with the decision / dilemma of how much money I want to spend on materials for the upcoming school year.  Yes, school has only been out for about 2 weeks, but I'm that person who's already planning and plotting out what items I want and what sales to hit.

I try to keep my out of pocket spending to around $100 or less if I can help it.  Our school's PTA graciously reimburses us for supplies up to $100, so I usually not to spend a whole lot more on top of that.  For the most part, after completing 7 years of teaching I have accumulated a pretty good collection of supplies.  BUT, as with anything, after 7 years some of that needs to get upgraded and replaced.  

Right now, I think my big splurge might be one of Erin Condren's Teacher's Lesson Planners.  It's a bit of a splurge considering they start at $59 and I've made my own plan books and grade books for the past couple years.  It's sooooo tempting to have EVERYTHING all in one nice neat organized place and on top it that something that is sooooo cute as well!  One of my friends bought one last year and LOVED hers and said that she's planning on getting another one for next year.  It appears that everyone online that has one thinks they're pretty awesome as well!

Another item I am considering is some new supply / book bins for my classroom.  I have a set from Target that have lasted 5 or 6 years, but are starting to show some wear and tear.  I managed to snag mine the first year Target carried them and only paid $1 each.  Target realized what a gem they had, though, and now I believe they run $2.50 or $3 each.  We'll see...  I may just replace the broken ones or possibly splurge on these pretty ones from Really Good Stuff.

Another temptation I've recently had is to change up my classroom theme.  I've been using Creative Teaching Press's Poppin' Patterns collection pretty much since the beginning of time.  I still love that collection, but with my vast collection of K-State decor I am really tempted to go with a cute purple, black, and white theme.  Much of what I have already goes with that color scheme, so it would mostly involve investing in some new borders and a few other things.  I know how OCD I can get, though, which is why I have previously selected such a bright and colorful theme.  Once again, we'll see.  

Other than that, there really aren't that many special items I'm looking to get for my classroom.  As I get more into this Teachers Pay Teachers thing I'm realizing how much I can make on my own!  My district has a copy center that I can submit jobs to online and get many of my goodies printed.  If I go with a new color scheme I will be sure to create most of my own decorations to go with that theme!

What's on your classroom wish list for next school year?

What do you think is worth a splurge?

Anyone out there have an Erin Condren Teacher Planner?  Do you love it?  I'd love your feedback and input!  

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  1. I absolutely love Erin Condren! I highly recommend her planners. This year I have the teacher planner. I really loved it, but there were several sections I didn't use. I never really used the lesson planning section, which is a HUGE part of the planner! I also missed having a larger section to make to-do lists for each day. With that being said, this year I'm going to order a life planner (the new one is released tomorrow!). They're a little cheaper.

    Every day that I opened my planner it boosted my mood! Everyone loves to be organized and her planner was so cute, colorful and inspiring (I'm a sucker for the quotes she included)!

    Last year was my first year of teaching, so I spent the year investing and applying for grants. This year we're moving classrooms, so I'll change up borders and other decorative touches, but other than that my stuff will still work. My favorite splurge has been my Lakeshore book carts! They're amazing and I received them through Donors Choose, I love having an organized library!

    Jenny Looney
    Livin’ the Third Grade Dream


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