Monday, June 16, 2014

Makeup Monday: Ulta and Sephora Haul!

Recent Makeup Buys

A couple months back I wrapped up my 100 day ban on buying makeup and nail polish.  It just so happened that this ended right at the same time both Ulta and Sephora had coupons out.  

(In case you're not aware, Sephora has a Beauty Insider / VIB sale twice a year...  Once in April and again in November.  Otherwise, their brands are pretty much always full price unless you happen to catch a rare clearance find.  Ulta has coupons all the time, but only 2 or 3 times a year do they include the "prestige brands" into those deals.)

I like a mix of high-end and drugstore brands of makeup, so I like to take advantage of these deals when I want to add some fancier brand products to my collection.  I must admit, I went a little crazy, but I'm super happy with everything I purchased.  All of these products are good everyday essentials that I felt were worthy additions to my makeup collection.

Naked Basics Palette - I love my Naked 2 and 3 palettes and have found myself more drawn to the matte shades than I would have thought.  While I wasn't super excited about this one when it came out a year or so ago, I'm so happy I bought it!  It's a definite winner!

Too Faced "Mascara & Bronzing Holy Grail" Set - I've heard a TON of good reviews of the "Better Than Sex" mascara from Too Faced.  This set came with a full sized mascara and good sized mini of their bronzer for the same size as the lone mascara.  So far I really like both of these!

Urban Decay "Triple Threat" Eyeliner Trio - Other than a couple samples, I've never had a high end eyeliners before.  I usually get super cheap ones, but I've noticed more lately that some of those don't last that well throughout the day.  I spotted this little trio at the checkout at Sephora and decided to give it a try.  I like that it's 2 blacks (regular and matte) and a navy, so I got some good, but basic variety.  I've used these the past few days and see why people rave about their quality!  These definitely stay put throughout the day!

Nars "Orgasm" Blush - This one gets rave reviews all the time and I've wanted it for several years now.  I finally went for it and I'm so happy I did!  It's a beautiful color and I now understand how some people say this is most versatile blush out there.

Nars "Orgasm" Lip Gloss -  I've never purchased anything from Nars until now, but this may become a new brand I'll come to love.  I spotted this one when I was picking out my blush and thought it was a gorgeous shimmery nude.  This stuff stays on amazingly well throughout the day, even through sipping drinks and eating lunch.

Smashbox "Quartz" Limitless 15 Hour Cream Shadow -  I have 2 of these already and use them everyday as a base for my powder eye shadows.  I wanted this color for it's pink tone to work with the colors in my Naked 3 palette.  This one has a little more of a shimmery glittery tone than the others, so I've actually been wearing it alone a fair amount!

Real Techniques Blush Brush - I wanted to try another Real Techniques brush since I love my foundation brush so much.  These are really good brushes for the price!

...And one more that I forgot to add to the picture.

Too Faced - Natural Eye Neutral Eye Shadow Collection
Image via Sephora
Too Faced Natural Eye Palette - I bought this one a little bit later as part of my "I Survived the Worst School Year Ever" budget.  One of my friends bought this one last year when were were shopping and she raves about how much she loves this palette.  I love this thing!  I admit, it looks very similar to my Naked palettes, but it really is quite different.  I'm really loving Too Faced right now!


Has anyone noticed how the names of a lot of popular makeup products are very sexual?  I personally think it's just a funny and slightly clever way to market things, but I had a friend on Facebook post about how offended she was by all of these names and she wouldn't buy certain brands anymore because of the names.  I joked with my mom about how I was going to have a skanky face now with all of these products.


I picked up a couple drugstore items on sale at Walgreens and a couple NYX Butter Glosses at Target as well, so I'm taking it easy on the makeup purchases again for a while.  I'm not doing an official ban at the current time, but I am going to try to go until school starts again before I get anything new.  I have wayyyyyy too much, so I'm working on using up some of what's in my collection and experimenting with new combinations.  Pinterest is sooooo good for ideas!  :)

  Have your purchased any new makeup goodies recently?!?

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