Thursday, April 12, 2012

Birchbox, Jokesters, & A Few Recent Finds

My April Birchbox arrived today!  This was the third day in a row I got something fun in the mail!  I feel like a giddy little kid when I get things in the mail that aren't junk or bills.  :)

The "theme" of this month's Birchbox was Natural Wonders, so the products are all kind of along those lines.  I kind of suspected that might be the case, but I refrained from looking Googling April Birchboxes until I got my own this month.

Atelier Cologne  - Orange Sanguine Cologne Absolute

Marula the Leakey Collection - Omega Rich Pure Marula Oil

Weleda - Pomegranate Firming Night Cream

Zoya - Nail Polish in Farah

Yes to Blueberries - Brightening Facial Towelettes

I almost bought the Yes to Blueberries towelettes yesterday at Target, so I'm glad I decided to hold off and now I can try them out first.  I'm also excited about the Zoya nail polish.  It's super neutral and I've seen some cool ideas on Pinterest with neon and neutral nail colors together.

I've also been enjoying my little perfume samples.  I've got a few right now from Birtchbox and from Dillards, so I've been sticking those in my little purse makeup bag to have if I need to freshen up when I'm out.

I'm still deciding about Birchbox, but I'll probably give it at least another two months before I decide if I want to keep it going or not.  I'd like to see what comes during the summer months, so I'm hoping for some goodies to be included in the May and June boxes.

I mentioned the other day that I'd purchased a couple new shirts on super sales online.  I really don't shop much online, especially for clothes.  I'm just not one of those people who can walk into a store and just buy something without trying it on.

The shirt one the left is the Lace Necklace Tee from J.Crew ($6.99 after discounts).  I feel like I'm between sizes there, so I went with the larger of the two.  It's a little bigger than I'd prefer, but I think washing and drying it will shrink it up a bit.  I wore it to work today and got tons of compliments, though!  (I was having a "fat day" and felt gross because I've not been eating very healthy this week, so I was happy to hear I looked cute when I didn't feel that way at all!)  You can see the detail below...  It's really pretty and not super low, which is also a plus. I wish the blue had still been available, but oh well!

I also nabbed this striped tee from Gap ($5.35 after discounts).  I had to go a size smaller than normal and bought a tall since that was all that was left in this color, but it worked out fine.  I wish it fit me a little more loose at the bottom like my real size was (I'd tried a black one in store months ago), but the top and sleeves are just perfect on me.  Once again, this has been an unhealthy eating week, so I didn't feel like it looked great on me when I wore it yesterday, but I'm sure that's all in my head.  It's at least motivation for me to hit the gym tonight!  Anyway, both of these tops are good casual and work shirts for the warmer weather.  I like things that can be dressed up or down and the fact that they were both on major sale is just an added bonus.

I went to dinner and did a teensy bit of shopping last night with a friend who recently moved back to town.  We went to a big accessory store where I always want to go crazy!  Everything there is very inexpensive and color coordinated!  I found these earrings there for $8.99 and couldn't resist.  Plus, they go with both of my new tops!  ; )  I don't have a lot of earrings with color and I figured I have a lot of tops and dresses that will match these.

My last buy was this two-pack of neon skinny belts.  I don't think I've purchased anything at Rue 21 since high school or early college, but we popped in there last night since the friend I was with was looking for a belt for one of her new dresses.  I'd looked last weekend for some belts just like these to go with my black dress I wore on Easter and had no success.  (I ended up busting out a beige Gap skinny belt that I snagged for about $3.  I must admit, it looked very classy.)  I've obviously been into the neons lately, so I was super happy to find these so cheap!  I'm on an interview committee tomorrow and I'm thinking about wearing my black dress with one of these for a punch of color.

So, all of that for less than the regular price of the J.Crew shirt!

I'm trying to go one month without buying any new tops (from my April paycheck to my May paycheck).  I'd like to say no clothes at all, but I really need some warm weather work pants, so I'm not going to limit myself if I find some that work.  If I'm good for a few months, I may allow myself a weekend trip to visit friends or the outlets again once summer comes.

Finally, the jokesters...

I've been spending my days in the office since my student teacher is still in charge and the conference room has been used for testing.  It's always an adventure down there!  I went back to my classroom to do a few things this afternoon and came back to the office to find my principal sitting in the corner at my laptop.  He promptly closed it and asked if it was mine or one of the testing laptops we had down there.  I thought something was a bit fishy since there were a couple others around him that scattered when I walked back in.  I turned my laptop on only to find a giant photo of him and our secretaries dressed in orange and camo AND reindeer antlers!  Yup, that's my background now!  He told me that's what happens when I hang out down there...  Oh geez!  I need to find a new background soon!

Well, off I go to catch up on some shows on the DVR and then hit the gym.  I don't like to workout until after 8 p.m. because things are so busy before then!


  1. yay for Birchbox! I haven't gotten mine yet but I hope I get that polish! Those belts are perfect! I'm loving bright colors right now.

    1. Thanks! I went to all of the "cheap" stores last weekend in search of a colored belt for Easter and the closet I found were ones at Target for $12.99 each. I've been trying to figure out how to rock the bright colors without looking too much like 1990.


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