Friday, April 27, 2012

Fashion Friday: Bright Ideas

Up until this year, I'm pretty sure I hadn't rocked neon clothing since 1991.  

Okay, except for my neon yellow tee that says "Frankie Says Relax" and on the back "Don't Do It" that I wear for Halloween and 80's parties...

For some reason this spring I've embraced the neon trend much more than I would have thought.  It seems like neons and pastels are the biggest color trends and I'm much more on the bright bandwagon than the pastel one.

I thought I'd share some Pinterest and other findings that I love with this trend!  

Source: via Molly on Pinterest

I think the biggest key to rocking bright colors is to pair them with more neutral colors, so that they're not super overwhelming. A bright tee or tank looks great under a more toned down jacket, dress, or cardigan. I also like adding in a pop of neon through my accessories and my nail polish color. I've always kept the super bright colors on my toes, but this spring I've been putting them on my fingernails to brighten things up more.  It doesn't take a whole lot to jump into this trend and a lot of accessories are super affordable (which is even better for trendy things that you may not want to invest in.)

Have you embraced the neon trend?  How have you added brights to your wardrobe?


  1. I am loving the neons this year too!! Great finds!
    A Cupcake for the Teacher

  2. Totally love neon, not exactly the way I did as a teenager lol!
    The pink top , white skirt & loads of bracelets is amazing!

    1. I know! That pic totally makes me want to find a comfy, slouchy hot pink shirt. So far no luck in finding one, though.


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