Friday, April 20, 2012

Fashion Friday: What's In My Purse?

I've seen quite a few "What's In My Purse" You Tube videos and blogs, so I figured I'd do the same!  I'm kind of obsessed with purses, so I find this one pretty appropriate for me.

I'm currently carrying a Coach Poppy Hippie bag that I purchased last summer.  I love this bag...  The shape, the size, the style.  But, I'm super OCD about getting it dirty, so I don't carry it a ton and it was a splurge for me, so I don't feel like it was necessarily my wisest investment.  (I taught a workshop for my district and decided to spend the money I made on this baby.)  It's also got a cross-body strap that is nice for running around.  I'm not allowing myself any more purse purchases this year (*sigh*), but I would love another one of these Hippie bags in a different color combo.  Maybe someday...  

Funny thing...  I used to really dislike Coach purses.  They bored me.  Then when the Poppy collection came along a few years ago I started paying more attention to that brand and became more interested in getting one for myself.  I have three Coach purses now--  Two from the outlet and the one up above.  I've been limiting my purse buying to one nice one per year.  I used to buy cheaper purses purses, but I was buying way too many, so I feel like I'm probably spending less on new bags than I used to and getting ones that I actually love.

I don't feel like I carry my entire life in my purse, but I do keep the basics and then some.

First comes my wallet.  This one is from Fossil and is probably 5 years old or so.  It's a good not too big and not too small size for carrying my cards and stuff.  In the middle is my Thirty-One wristlet that I purchased last spring.  It's where I store all of my coupons, gift cards, and other shopping related things.  I carry it most of the time, but it's nice to have some of those non-essentials together so I don't have to carry them all the time.  Finally I have my camera (or rather here the case).  I bought a little Canon PowerShot A2200 for myself (and one for my grandparents) this past Christmas.  My old Canon was a great camera, but it was HUGE and took up so much space in my purse.  I find myself carrying my camera a lot more now that I have one that's smaller!

These three are probably some of my top essentials...  Ibuprofen, Orbit gum, and hand lotion.  I'm currently loving Bath & Body Works' Shea Cashmere & Silk hand cream.  It smells great and makes your hands literally silky smooth.  I love it!

Next is my travel makeup bag.  I carry it the majority of the time, but there are plenty of times when I want to downsize and can pull out just one or two essentials and leave the rest behind.  I keep some of my makeup necessities in there for when I'm running late or need to do a quick fix-up in the middle of the day.

I like to keep some neutral shades in my purse that will look good no matter what.  I really like my Maybelline cream eyeshadows and the little green one is a Clinique freebie in a neutral duo.  I put a lot of free minis in my purse (since they take up less space).  I also like to keep some little perfumes in there if I need a quick refresh.  And don't you love my little pink ladybug mirror?!?  A coworker gave it to me for my birthday and I think it's absolutely adorable!

No, that's not two phones...  One is my iPod Touch and the other is my phone.  (My phone is an LG MyTouch Q if you're wondering.)  I just got a real smartphone right before Christmas, so until then I'd functioned with my iPod.  I have all my music and a lot of apps on there, so I can't break away from it and only use my phone.  I like using some apps more on my phone and others more on my iPod, so I just carry both!  

So, there you have it...  What's in my purse!  

What are your essentials?  What's in your purse?


  1. I love this! My purse gets way too heavy! Then I try to clean it out and it makes no difference....I'm going to have to clean it out and THEN do a blog post! :)
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  2. I always keep Post-Its, a couple of pens, a mechanical pencil, and chapstick at all times. Oh, and a giant mess, too :)

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