Friday, April 20, 2012

Let's Try Something New... (Like something for you to download!)

I've been meaning to try to load some documents to share for a while now and haven't had the patience to figure it all out. I'm considering venturing into the whole Teachers Pay Teachers thing, but I don't feel like anything I've made yet is all that cool. For now, I'm just going to try adding a few odds and ends here to the blog and see how that goes! So, here's my first attempt at a printable for you!
Reading Theme Planner.pdf

Long story short, I need to clean up some things on Google Docs from back when I was getting my Master's and so I'm using Scribd for the time being.  I actually liked Scribd from the couple times I've used it, so I may just stick with it!  Who knows!?!

I found this pin on Pinterest and was inspired to make my own planner along the same lines.  My two third grade colleagues and I are planning on doing themes next year to drive our reading instruction and have been coming up with a list of ideas.  The next step is to plot out when we want to do these themes!  Some will go with certain times of year or certain seasons, but others we can mix and match whenever and share resources.  With making the switch to Literacy First this year I've struggled a bit in breaking away from our reading series and inserting in as much non-fiction as they want.  (They want 60% non-fiction!  Eeeek!)

Anyway, I hope this comes in handy to some of you and hopefully I'll get more into posting some goodies like this soon!  I figure if I take the time to make something I should share it so that others can benefit from my hard work!

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  1. Ooh- I love this!!! So simple but useful! Can't wait to print off a few in black and white to start planning, and then in color to laminate once I have them finalized!

    Thank you!

    Luckeyfrog's Lilypad


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