Saturday, April 7, 2012

Happy Easter Eve!

I woke up this morning to the sound of thunderstorms and decided to roll over and go back to sleep for a while...  I've been fighting an allergy cold for a few days so I'm pretty sure I needed the extra sleep to help fight that.  I was convinced that it was going to be another gloomy rainy day, but it's absolutely gorgeous today!  Not too warm, not too cold, sunny with a little breeze, and just plain fabulous! I need to find an excuse to get out soon... I was off yesterday and went to my church's Easter service last night. (I go to a really big church, so they were doing 6 of the same service this weekend, Friday through Sunday!) Even though I've technically been to an Easter service already, I'm still getting dressed up and going to the morning service at my old church tomorrow! Hopefully tomorrow is just as beautiful to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ! 

 Since I haven't been in my classroom or doing much teaching with my class I haven't really done any seasonal activities with my class. I've been finding all sorts of cute ideas on Pinterest, though, and will hopefully have the opportunity to do them in the future. With the changes with our reading curriculum and moving to Common Core, one thing that I'm actually excited about is being able to come up with my own ideas for reading. We really aren't using our reading series anymore, so my coworkers and I are working on coming up with theme ideas for reading. Pretty much any holiday can be a theme because there are so many books to go along with them! So, I wanted to share a few findings... Enjoy!

And finally, I leave you with my own little Easter decor photo from today...


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