Friday, May 4, 2012

Currently... MAY!!!

Oh' Boy 4th Grade is hosting her monthly CURRENTLY linky party for the month of May!  Last month was my first month to participate, but I liked it and thought it was a fun way to share my blog and discover some new ones! 

 May has really snuck up on me...  It seems like ever since we finished up with assessments time has really flown by!  My student teacher had her last official day with us today, but she'll be joining us a few more time this year for some special events.  It was a lot of fun having her in our classroom this semester and I know we'll all really miss her!  She's still looking for a job, but I told her that if she ends up subbing next year we'll all be sure to keep her very busy with sub jobs!  (We've been having a horrible time lately with subs dropping jobs at the last minute and leaving us without anyone!  Ugh!  I wish we had more than just a small handful of good, reliable subs.)  

Farley has a great website over there and there's already a bunch of other Currently links posted!  

Happy Friday!  :)

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  1. Love your pageant title!


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