Friday, May 25, 2012

Fashion Friday: One Little Accessory

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My current shopping bans have limited me from buying some of the items I normally gravitate towards...  Jewelry, makeup, and nail polish, in particular.  I really like how "banning" myself from certain items is making me realize what I really want and is making me less impulsive.  Going a month without buying any tops was a big challenge, but I've really not gone all that crazy since lifting that ban. 

I was scrolling through my Google Reader postings before bed the other night and found a blog post on summer scarves.  I love scarves, but I don't really wear them once it gets warm outside.  Most of my scarves are more fall and winter colors and styles anyway.  Well, I saw this beauty and then found that it was from Forever 21!  (One of my favorite stores for affordable accessories!)

I looked up the scarf online and contemplated making the purchase, but I really hate to buy things online from stores that I have in town, especially if I haven't checked in store yet.  I happened to be over by the mall yesterday and decided I'd pop in to see if they actually had that scarf...  Guess what I found a whole rack of?!?  The salesgirl said they just got them in yesterday!  How awesome is that timing?!?

IRL image from my phone.  
I love the colors in the scarf and how it's the perfect in between with the pastel trend and neon trends that are popular right now.  I've held it up to my neon Gap tees and more neutral items and it looks like it'll go with quite a bit in my closet!  I also love that it's got black in it and isn't so bright and summery that it can transition into the fall very easily.

I have a funeral to attend tomorrow and I plan to wear this scarf with one of my little black dresses and then transition it to the rest of the day with family paired with a tee and jeans.  I also picked up some new black patent ballet flats at Payless (since my Target flats bit the dust and my mom stole my other good pair!) so I think it'll be a stylish and comfortable outfit for spending the day with family.

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