Sunday, May 27, 2012

When do you start working on school stuff?

I'm just curious how long into the summer do you wait to start prepping for the next school year...  Are you so burnt out on the previous year that you take a break for a while before you even begin working on preparations?  

I usually want nothing to do with school for about a month after summer vacation begins.  I'll think about it, run across some resources or something, but don't really do anything for school until about July hits.  Once July rolls around I start getting my motivation back and begin to get a little more excited about the new year.  

So, what's your summer school work style?  Do you work all summer?  Wait 'til the very last minute?  
Please share!


  1. That's a really good question--I'm curious to see what everyone else has to say. I only have one summer under my belt, and I think I started working on everything in July. I had my honeymoon in June along with dive certification, so I didn't look at my curriculum much in June...and I think it was the perfect amount of decompression!
    This year, though, I am taking grad classes in June along with a work-related trip in July, so I plan on starting a little earlier--probably carving out some time on Fridays to work on when July rolls around, I have more time to spend finalizing things and getting my classroom ready!

    Thanks for posting this! I will definitely stay tuned to see what everyone else has to say!

  2. I work on things here and there... I usually wait for motivation to hit. Typically I hold off on inservices until July, but this year I am taking several in June.

    This year I also did a lot more room prep in May compared to usual. Trying to see if it will make my set-up easier :)

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  3. My personal rule is that I won't even try to go into my classroom until August (usually we aren't allowed into our rooms anyway, but some years we have been able to go in). I try not to do too much school stuff until August, but I do try to go through the files on my laptop and get re-organized for the new year.


  4. I am already thinking about next year and wanting to get started (lazily :) but part of that is that I will be moving classrooms and switching grade levels, so I'm anxious to start planning!

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