Friday, May 4, 2012

I Cheated (A little, but not really...)

I'm pretty sure I mentioned I was putting myself on a very short month-long shopping ban from my April paycheck to my May paycheck.  I gave myself a lot of flexibility and pretty much the only thing I wasn't allowed to buy was more tops.  I've purchased a couple accessories and then last Saturday did some minimal damage while I was out with a friend.

First we hit up a super fun outdoor market just outside of town.  There were about 25 vendors jewelry, home decor, hand-made items, and vintage items.  I have several friends that had booths, so I thought it would be a fun little Saturday morning outing!  I managed to walk away only spending $7 of my $20 budget on these cute pairs of earrings!  Aren't these adorable?!?  I love the colors (these pics are from my phone, so they're not the best) and I'm super excited to wear them!

Next we hit Old Navy since they were having their $8 dress sale.  Both my friend and I tried on their $8 dresses, but neither of us liked them.  I did try another dress which was a whopping $15 and fell in love with it.  (Here's the link.)  I absolutely love knit tank dresses and have been kinda sad that there weren't many in stores so far this spring.  It's a little brighter than a regular navy blue and the biggest accomplishment for me is that it's not another black dress!

My other ON purchase was this super cute skirt.  I'm not really a skirt person.  I like skirts, but I can't seem to find many that fit me the right way.  I rocked this one on Wednesday with a ruffled white tank and my denim jacket and got TONS of compliments all day long.  It's another color that's not really represented in my closet, which is also a plus!   (It's kind of a green-ish yellow.  Here's the link to the skirt.)  Thankfully, Old Navy was still running their friends and family "Stuff and Save" promo for 30% off.  Both items were full-price (and we all know I don't do full-price), so that discount sealed the deal.

Then yesterday I made a trip to AE.  I've hardly made any purchases there (well for me) since around Christmas.  I actually went in to return / exchange a hoodie that I purchased back a few months ago that was  a super cute cream with peach stripes...  Every time I put it on, though, it just didn't work and wasn't worth keeping.  (Thankfully AE has a nice return policy and the people there know me.)  A coworker had a super cute lightweight neon pink hoodie from there, so I decided ahead of time to make the exchange.  (That's not cheating in my eyes.)  I also was super happy to recently find out they brought back the beloved Boyfit Crop jeans.  I was kind of obsessed with last year's initial version, which was the Slouchy Skinny.  These boyfit jeans are pretty similar only they're not really skinny when unrolled.  They were marked $15 off full price, which was the icing on the cake, but these are one of the few items I truly wouldn't regret paying full price for!  I'm sure I'll be back to get the other wash at some point since these are pretty much the pants I live in from spring to fall!

Did I mention my classroom has been without A/C?  Yeah...  It sucks.  It's been out for about 3 weeks, but just recently has it been really hot here.  Rumor has it they finally fixed it, but we'll just have to see when I get in there!  I was about 10 degrees from busting out the booty shorts and crop tops!  LOL

Anyway, my clothes shopping thing has gone alright so far.  I have another week to go, but it's really not been that awful.  I'm obviously giving myself some flexibility since I still purchased a dress, skirt, jeans, and earrings.  (Once again, the hoodie doesn't count.  LOL)  I'm really trying to stick to my priorities.  I'm pretty sure with this upcoming move I'm going to go into a major home decor kick.

I.  Will.  Show.  Restraint.

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